Easy to Order Solid Oak Kitchen Online

Solid Oak Kitchens: Attractive, Affordable, and Easy to Order Online

Here at Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, we're proud to supply an outstanding collection of kitchen furniture direct to the public. Our modular system contains a large range of standard size cabinets that you can purchase from available stock, meaning that you can order an entire oak kitchen online and expect delivery within just ten working days.

Our easy-to-navigate online store itemises all cabinets and prices currently available. Once you have calculated your requirements, simply follow the steps below to add the required items to your shopping cart and checkout using our secure system. After purchase, we will email you to confirm your order and also contact you directly on the contact number provided to organise delivery.

So, are you ready to order? Let's get going - it couldn't be simpler!



Choose your solid wood door style

Once you've navigated to your required cabinet page (base cabinet, wall cabinet, etc) please scroll to the bottom and click to order cabinets with frontals. You will then be presented with two oak door options: our simple, elegant 'Shaker' model, or our classic farmhouse 'Traditional' model. Click on the preferred option.

It's now time to choose your finish. If you'd like painted doors, you can select from a range of beautiful standard colours from the Farrow & Ball collection (grouped into Pastels, Accents or Strong Accents), or simply select 'Bespoke' to choose any other colour from their range; if you'd prefer a lacquered finish, select this option under the 'Natural' heading; or, to apply your own finish prior to installation, select the 'Sanded' option. Clicking the thumbnail image will enlarge this picture to give you more information, whilst clicking the name of the option underneath the thumbnail will take you to the order page.

Simply click your desired cabinet option and you'll be navigated to the bottom of the page where you can select items to add to your shopping cart. If you are selecting a cabinet with a door only, all you need do is select the size that you require. If you select a cabinet with doors and drawers, there are a few options to choose from.

To learn more about the door types that are available, please visit our solid oak doors page.


Choose drawer and cabinet type

Choose your drawer type

On the following page you can choose which type of Antaro or Intivo drawers will suit the cabinet you are ordering. We have a range of drawers, all of a high-quality - from drawers with stainless steel sides (Tandembox Plus Stainless Steel) to oak inserts (Intivo Pan Drawers), all contain finger-jointed oak bases and backs and come supply with BLUM fixings.

Simply click the button next to the corresponding drawer type you would like to purchase, or if you would like to choose the drawers when ordering the cabinets, simply click 'I will select later'.

On the next page, choose your desired cabinet type and you will be navigated further down the page where you can select the appropriate items to add to your shopping cart. If you are picking a cabinet with a door only, all you need do is select the size that you require. If you have chosen to order drawers, you can pick the types you require at this stage.

After clicking on your preferred frontal type and the type of cabinet that you'd like (i.e. base cabinet door and drawer), you'll be navigated to the purchase options at the bottom of the page.

If selecting a cabinet that contains drawers, you will now need to decide what type of drawer you would like to purchase. To learn more about the drawer types that are available, please visit our solid oak drawers page.


Add units to basket

Now that you have decided on your frontal type and finish, plus your drawer type (if necessary), simply choose the size of cabinet that you require. Our modular sizes have been designed to cover all the most popular, standard cabinet sizes, allowing you to fulfil all your requirements from stock.

Enter the desired quantity of each item in the designated box, and scroll to the bottom to click 'Purchase Items'. Your items will now be added to the cart.

Don't forget that we have a number of other useful items that you might wish to purchase: from pilasters to plinths to a handy 'Eco Drill' (handy for drilling kitchen doors), these can all be selected from this same product page.


Receive your kitchen within 10 working days!

Once you're happy with the items in your basket, simply enter your delivery and billing information and complete your order via our secure checkout. After that, all you need to do is prepare your space for installation, and - most importantly - prepare to enjoy your new kitchen!