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Handpainted Solid Oak Door Finish Guide

Our handpainted doors are made of 100% solid oak, a superior, natural material that deserves special treatment. We are confident that our detailed finishing process will truly illuminate this timber's natural beauty.

Light handbrushing before painting emphasises the grain and creates a smooth, consistent finish. Next, the doors are sealed with a water-based primer undercoat that's made using a traditional alkyd resin to prevent raising of the grain. Finally, two separate top coats of Farrow and Ball paint are applied by hand (in the colour of the customer's choosing). Plenty of time is afforded for drying between coats. The process is careful and lengthy but invaluable, creating a silky, attractive finish of unparalleled quality.

Many of our competitors favour machined or spray-painted doors. A key benefit of our handpainted range is the guarantee of a unique finish: ensuring that each door is as unique as the timber itself, accentuating the individual grain pattern with delicate brush-strokes. Furthermore, the care and attention to detail we strive for is only possible due to the nature of the handpainting process, in which each door is treated individually.

Farrow Ball Handpainted Colour Range

We also favour the highest quality products to match the natural integrity of the solid oak. Our Farrow and Ball paints are natural and water-based as opposed to acrylic, and, after careful testing, we chose our particular primer for its outstanding ability to prevent the grain from rising. For maintenance, we supply a 750ml pot of paint with every order.*

We endeavour to highlight the quality of the wood and the individual grain pattern. As such, the painted finish is not a solid block of pigment but a colourful sheen which allows the character of the timber to shine through. The result is both attractive and unique. Why not see for yourself? Click here for a sample.

*An order is classified as purchase of ten doors or more.

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