Black Oak Floating Shelf 1500mm x 200mm x 40mm

Complete with hard-wearing properties and an innate charm, black oak is a magnificent choice for floating kitchen shelves. Our extra-long black oak floating shelf is particularly impressive and - to save customers time and hassle - comes pre-drilled and supplied with all the specialist fixings required to create a superb floating effect.

Fixings Included symbol Our floating shelves come with all the fittings required to allow for straightforward installation.

Each black oak shelf measures 1500mm X 200mm X 40mm, and has been crafted by our team who have extensive experience working with hardwood furniture, and using the latest technology to ensure maximum precision. Constructed using the same techniques as our beautiful black oak worktops, these shelves are assembled from a series of 40mm-wide staves, which are finger-jointed and bonded with glue under high pressure, for optimum strength.

For smooth and consistent finish, each floating solid black oak shelf is sanded to a 150 grit finish, and then treated with three coats of protective Danish wood oil to enrich and nourish the grain.

Four floating shelf fixings are provided, which are hidden once the shelf has been successfully mounted. We recommend fitting shelving to a brick or stone wall, for stability. If you would like to mount it onto a stud wall, please ensure the supports are fixed directly into the timber studs.

Our dark wood shelves are made entirely from natural materials; therefore, they can occasionally feature small knots or splits, which are part of the unique character of the wood.

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