Black Oak Worktop 3000mm X 620mm X 27mm

Our 3000mm x 620mm x 27mm black oak worktops are an extra-special option that are a great alternative to black American walnut or wenge worktops - perfect for a luxurious kitchen. Made from European oak, and subject to a unique worktop treatment that permanently darkens the timber throughout, meaning it can still be cut to size or subject to other alterations.

  • Manufactured in Europe to demanding standards.
  • Square edges.
  • Sanded to 150 grit, ready to oil.
  • 40mm wide staves.
  • Finger-jointed & pressure glued construction.
  • Natural grade, may contain small natural imperfections.
  • Full bespoke service available.
  • Installation guide provided.
  • Installation accessories available.
  • In stock, delivered in association with cabinets in 7 days.
  • Worktop samples available.

Take a look at the quality of our 3000mm x 620mm x 27mm black oak worktops by ordering a sample from Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets. Each sample comes from our current black oak worktop stock and is oiled on one face to provide a representation of the finished worktop. Priced at just £5 including delivery, they represent excellent value for money, and as an added benefit, if you then decide to purchase one of our 3000mm x 620mm x 27mm black oak worktops we will refund the sample's full cost.



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