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Instantly recognisable for their golden colour, interspersed with dark brown grain, our zebrano worktops are the perfect centrepiece for a high-spec modern kitchen. Sometimes known a 'zebra wood' due to the high contrast stripes running throughout, this exotic West African timber is highly sought after for many forms of modern furniture.

  • Manufactured in Europe to demanding standards.
  • Square edges.
  • Sanded to 150 grit, ready to oil.
  • 40mm wide staves.
  • Finger-jointed & pressure glued construction.
  • Prime grade, generally free from natural imperfections.
  • Full bespoke service available, see our sister site Worktop Express for further information.
  • Installation guide provided.
  • Installation accessories available.
  • In stock, delivered in association with cabinets in 7 days.
  • Worktop samples available.

To view the quality of our striking zebrano worktops for yourself before placing an order, we would recommend ordering one of our worktop samples. Cut from our current zebrano worktop stock and pre-oiled on one side, these samples are intended to give you an accurate demonstration of the finished product. Priced at just £5 including delivery, they represent excellent value for money, and as an added benefit, if you then decide to purchase one of our zebrano worktops we will refund the sample's full cost.

Ready to order now? Buy your zebrano worktops for as little as £290, simply select your worktops from the list of sizes below, and add them to your cart.

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Zebrano Worktop 2000mm X 620mm X 40mm
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Zebrano Worktop 2000mm X 960mm X 40mm
Out of Stock



Zebrano Worktop 3000mm X 620mm X 40mm



Zebrano Worktop 3000mm X 720mm X 40mm


Zebrano Worktop 3000mm X 960mm X 40mm
Out of Stock



Zebrano Worktop 4000mm X 620mm X 40mm
Out of Stock



Worktop Accessories



Zebrano Worktop Sample (40mm)


Rustins Danish Oil 1L
In Stock


Rustins Danish Oil 2.5L
Out of Stock



Rustins Danish Oil 5L
In Stock


Worktop Moisture Barrier
Out of Stock



Worktop Aftercare Kit
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Worktop Installation Kit
Out of Stock



Worktop Hotrod Set
In Stock


Worktop Jig 700
In Stock


Worktop Jig 900
In Stock


Worktop Router Cutter
In Stock


Solid Zebrano Worktop Chopping Board
Out of Stock



Zebrano Plinth 3000mm X 150mm X 20mm
Out of Stock