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Complete the Look!

Posted by admin on April 26, 2013 at 1:32 pm. Filed under: Uncategorized
Worktops and Cabinets

Is your kitchen plan looking a bit sparse? Are you looking for a way to finish your run of cabinets in style? Why not team up your solid oak cabinets with a wooden worktop to truly complete that natural look? Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets is here to help!

To us, an SWKC all-oak kitchen is the epitome of greatness coupling rustic beauty and modern design with only the highest grade solid wood. Take the style one step further and create a stunning contrast by combining lustrous wenge or vibrant iroko with your oak frontals. Top it all off with a few pilasters (available in five styles to suit your taste) or perhaps a chopping board or two and you’ve got yourself a kitchen to be proud of. The possibilities are limitless!

Customise your look even further with painted frontals available in a choice of 21 Farrow & Ball colours. If that doesn’t whet your appetite for the vibrant kitchen of your dreams, we also offer a bespoke service allowing you to choose from any number of paint colours to best suit your vision.

Choose from our large range of cabinets and worktops to compose a high quality, affordable kitchen in just a few clicks. What more could you ask for? Just click here to check out our wooden worktops, or alternatively click here to browse our wide selection of solid oak cabinets and complete your look!


Colour of the Month: Blazer

Posted by admin on April 17, 2013 at 8:12 am. Filed under: Products

There’s a funny feeling in the air this Spring; perhaps it’s to do with the unseasonable weather we’ve been having, or perhaps it’s simply time to shake things up a bit, but the usual pastels and cool shades that dominate are curiously absent from April’s interiors/fashion trends.

Instead, we’re being treated to the bright and bold: stunning neons, vital oranges, and vibrant shades of red – a fiery explosion of spring colour!

With such dramatic shades calling the shots this season, it can be hard to know where to start – do you take a risk and go for a whole host of colours, or simply make a splash with a stark contrast? A great option to consider is the inclusion of a feature island or bank of units in a statement colour such as Farrow & Ball’s Blazer, which is why we’ve nominated it for April’s ‘Colour of the Month’.

Blazer is a rich, eyecatching red – named for the striking blazers once worn by members of St John’s College, Cambridge – and is an excellent contrast to more subtle, off-white shades such as New White or Off White. Ramp it up even further with some Pitch Black painted accents or mellow out with an unpainted run of lacquered solid oak cabinet frontals, ensuring that the rosy red of your Blazer units shine out; however you choose to incorporate this colour, it is sure to add a unique radiance and sense of flair to your kitchen.

Whatever you decide, we’re on hand to help – simply select the ‘Blazer’ option from our handpainted doors page and you’ll be away!


Super Samples

Posted by admin on April 12, 2013 at 8:55 am. Filed under: Products

As an internet company, we appreciate how important it is for our customers to research all potential purchases thoroughly before committing to buy – it’s the only sensible way!

In fact, it’s something we encourage, which is why we have a full sample service in place for our customers to enjoy.

We are confident that our cabinets, doors and worktops are manufactured from the finest timbers on the market; as such, we offer fully finished sample cabinets (sections of the cabinet panels), doors (in both styles – Shaker and Traditional – and all finishes – handpainted, lacquered and sanded) and worktop samples.

All samples are great representations of the finished article; our cabinet samples are manufactured and finished in the same manner as the cabinet panels themselves, as are the miniature doors, whereas our samples are cut from actual worktop stock and oiled on the top face and edges to give a true indicator of the quality available.

We charge a small fee for each sample to cover distributions costs, but in all cases if you go on to purchase an order you can claim some money back. So give our sample service a chance today – you won’t be disappointed!



Kitchen Trend-Watch: Keep it Clean and Green

Posted by admin on April 5, 2013 at 2:19 pm. Filed under: General

According to the recent commentary of Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, the fashionable modern British kitchen prioritises minimalism, efficiency and environmental thinking.

AGA Showroom

There are a few reasons for this. For example, many kitchen revamps are now undertaken with the aim of adding value to the property, due to our fluctuating and often difficult housing market. Clean, simple designs are timeless, stylish and easy to maintain – and are less likely to put off any potential homebuyers in the future.

Leech also indicates that the function of the kitchen as a social hub means that cutting-edge gadgetry has become more popular than ever – ‘American-style fridge/freezers’ and ‘built-in iced water facilities’ are just a few of the appliance staples he mentions. The trend for stainless steel is also fading, making way for coloured finishes – white appliances, for instance, or those in neutral, bright colours.

Speaking of colour, while green might not be everyone’s choice for an appliance, it’s certainly the spiritual colour of the kitchen! Leech comments that environmental thinking – and particularly energy efficiency – is on the upturn.

We couldn’t agree more; so when it comes to clean, green designs and modern machinery, look no further than Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets! At our Quedgeley showroom we have nine full kitchen sets, each designed to be characterful yet serene, with plenty of open space and just a few stylish, handpicked accessories. Our solid oak doors and cabinetry evoke the clear-cut lines and timeless spirit of the modern kitchen – quite simply these will never go out of style.

Appliances are plentiful and innovative; we can supply Neff, Falcon and Mercury products (among others) and are proud to be Gloucester’s authorised AGA showroom. For a true meeting of the eco-friendly with the technological, check out our Krushr display model: a cutting-edge waste management system which can be fitted in your kitchen with minimal fuss!

Finally, we’re proud to promote good environmental practice within every aspect of our service. Our timbers are sourced from legal, sustainable sources – we demand a well-documented and transparent chain of custody in line with the recently-passed EUTR – and we manufacture solely within Europe to reduce our carbon footprint. By using cutting-edge machinery and techniques we ensure that wood wastage is minimal from the word go. We also employ reusable packaging wherever we can and FSC certified paper or recycled cardboard is used for all promotional literature or printed communications (though in fact as we’re an e-tailer we’ve introduced paperless practices as much as possible). There is a self-enclosed extraction system in our warehouse to capture and recycle all emissions and our biomass boiler provides 100% of the heating in this area.

So if you feel like being bang on trend, why not swing by the Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets showroom today and explore a world of simple, elegant design and eco-friendly products!