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Colour of the Month: Solid Oak Cabinets in Charleston Gray by Farrow & Ball

Posted by admin on September 26, 2013 at 10:25 am. Filed under: Products
Charleston Gray shaker frontal

The popularity of grey in interior design has accelerated over the past few years. A strong neutral, grey has shaken off the tags of ‘gloomy’ ‘stormy’ and ‘dull’ and is now readily associated with cool glamour, cutting-edge style, and refinement. As American designer Bex Hale comments, grey is ‘the little black dress of décor. Dress it up, dress it down – it’s my go-to colour.’ Indeed some would argue that grey has replaced beige as the most on-trend neutral colour.

Picking the right grey for your space can be tricky, though; it varies widely from shade to shade. Achromatic or ‘true’ grey is a combination of white and black, with equal values of red, green and blue and no obvious additional tonality. Pure grey is not hugely common in decorating as we tend to prefer grey with hints of another colour (which can be more readily incorporated within a design scheme). Alterations to the RGB colour model help achieve this type of grey, creating slight but valuable variations in the shade achieved and thus producing a multitude of potential off-grey shades. These variations can be cool (greys that include less red and therefore appear to have blue, purple or green tinges) or warm (greys that include greater proportions of red and thus look pinky, brown or even yellow).

Farrow & Ball’s Charleston Gray, a smoky shade with hints of brown and purple, is both warm and cool depending on the light – the best of both worlds! At certain times of the day, this shade can graduate from cool chocolate, to almost olive, to a luxuriously rich grey with brown overtones. There are two additional points that make this shade a real winner for kitchen décor and September’s Colour of the Month: it can be paired with a huge variety of colours, from rose to citrus to paler, green-blue greys, and it is found regularly in nature – stones, birds, and even shades of earth match well with this colour – so works wonderfully with kitchen furniture made from natural materials. We recommend pairing solid oak doors handpainted in Charleston Gray with a solid oak or maple worktop for a soft yet elegant kitchen look.


Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet Sale: Great Savings Now Available

Posted by admin on September 18, 2013 at 2:33 pm. Filed under: Products

Summer may be drawing to a close, but it’s been a fantastic one – all the more reason to celebrate! As such, we’re launching an ‘end of season’ sale, allowing customers to enjoy a terrific 10% discount on all of our cabinet products including accessories. So – whether you’re missing the beauty of the Bahamas, or have those ‘back to work blues’ – feel free to treat yourself this month.

Our sale began on 16th September and will run until the end of the month (orders must be placed by 30th September); and from specialist base cabinets to full height cabinets, there is something in our comprehensive range for every kitchen requirement. If you desire a new set of kitchen drawers, or would like to refurbish the room completely, we are confident that the quality of our solid oak cabinets in conjunction with the affordable prices on offer are sure to delight.

End of Summer Sale: 10% discount on cabinets

This wonderful 10% saving is available on all cabinets and cabinet accessories (please note that solid wood worktops, worktop accessories and samples are not included). Simply enter the promotional code ‘EOS2013’ when you reach the checkout and the discount will be automatically applied. Alternatively you can call one of our sales team or pop into our Gloucestershire showroom: we have a wonderful selection of solid oak cabinets on display and our friendly staff are happy to help. It couldn’t be simpler!


Solid Wood Worktop Samples: New Sizes Now Available!

Posted by admin on September 11, 2013 at 2:42 pm. Filed under: Products
Solid oak worktop sample

We pride ourselves in providing exquisite solid oak kitchen cabinets in a vast array of styles and finishes; and thanks to our sister supplier – Worktop Express® – we are able to supply you with solid wood worktops too. Sourced sustainably and competitively priced, each worktop will complement your kitchen units beautifully.

It is important that you are satisfied with your kitchen and samples can aid the decision-making process prior to purchase. We currently offer samples sizes for our cabinets, doors and worktops. Our cabinet samples are supplied as 160mm x 80mm x 18mm fully finished pieces of solid oak – perfect mini replicas of our cabinet panels. We also supply sample door frontals in a number of styles; both the traditional or shaker models are available in 350mm x 296mm sections, which are lacquered, sanded or hand finished in colours from the Farrow & Ball range (according to your preference).

Just like our cabinets and doors, the worktops we offer are also constructed from premium quality timber – but you don’t have to take our word for it! Order a solid wood worktop sample and we are confident that you will not be disappointed. We have recently expanded the choice available here at Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets for your convenience; therefore, in addition to our standard 40mm size, samples in 27mm thicknesses are now available (selected timbers only). Priced at just £5 each (including V.A.T and delivery), our samples are a great-value investment. And should you proceed to order a worktop with us, we will even refund the cost of the sample on a one for one basis – an excellent saving!

If you have any queries, or would like to purchase some samples, please do not hesitate to contact us or order through the website.


Painted Kitchens: An Introduction

Posted by admin on September 4, 2013 at 9:18 am. Filed under: General

Painted kitchens are proving increasingly fashionable. Always popular with those opting for a more traditional style, in recent years the trend for solid wood and the array of colours on the market means that painted elements are becoming more and more prominent in both traditional and contemporary design schemes.

In modern times, kitchens have become more than just a place of cooking: families spend increasing amounts of leisure time in these spaces, as the open plan ‘kitchen-living room’ combination emerges. It is therefore more important than ever that the kitchen’s style and layout leaves inhabitants feeling comfortable and relaxed. Painted cabinet frontals – blessed with unique subtlety and versatility – may be the perfect solution. With Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, the process couldn’t be simpler: when you purchase our solid oak frontals we offer you the choice of three finishes – sanded, lacquered, or hand-painted. Whatever colour you choose, painting your frontals can lead to a complete transformation of your kitchen.

Painted #1Painted #3Painted #4

The vast choice available means that every kitchen can find a suitable shade to complement the interior design. At Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets you can select any colour from the Farrow & Ball range and we will hand paint your frontals accordingly. Our delicate hand-finishing process brings out the texture and depth of the wood’s grain, so you can enjoy the wonders of coloured cabinets without compromising oak’s natural beauty.

The obstacles of a low-ceilinged or dark room can be overcome by selecting a pale shade of paint for your cabinets – such colour choices can complement the room’s features by naturally lightening the space. By using two or three different shades, you can achieve a completely different look; whether you’re feeling bold and opt for vibrant accent colours for a dramatic splash of colour, or stick with more subtle, neutral tones that produce a warming atmosphere, your whole kitchen can be transformed.

We would be delighted if you would take a look at our door collection and discover the range of colours and styles we offer to help your kitchen achieve its full design potential. If you have any questions about our kitchen cabinets or the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.