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Accessorise Oak Kitchens with Cornices and Pelmets

Posted by admin on June 25, 2014 at 3:56 pm. Filed under: Products

Our oak kitchen wall cabinets are made of solid European oak and finished to an incredibly high standard, and look great when mounted on the walls of oak kitchens as they are.

If you’d like to add a little extra style or flare to your wall units, however, then consider a cornice or ponder a pelmet. Cornices are designed to add a decorative trim around the bottom of your cupboards, whilst pelmets are placed on the top.

Accessorise Oak Kitchens with Cornices and Pelmets

Cornices and pelmets from Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets come in either a Shaker or Traditional finish to suit both contemporary and classic kitchen themes. Shaker styling is simplistic and elegant, whilst the Traditional styling is embellished with extra details to add ornate flair.

We offer a wide range, including straight options up to 2700mm, along with the new addition of curved options (which match our excellent kitchen corner cabinets and curved doors). No matter what finish you’ve gone for in your kitchen, these decorative items can be completed in the style of your choosing: sanded, lacquered or painted in one of Farrow & Ball’s finest shades.

Both cornices and pelmets are constructed from full stave solid oak, with a supplement of oak-foiled MDF on the rear for ease of installation. The inclusion of the MDF return also allows the wood to move with changes in temperature without separating from the cabinets.

If you’d like to see our attractive cornices and pelmets in action, do visit our Gloucester showroom; we have nine full kitchen sets on display, each featuring a wonderful array of cabinetry, solid wood worktops, and frontals accessories. We’re open from 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday, and 10am-2pm on Saturday.


Spotlight on Full Height Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by admin on June 18, 2014 at 11:20 am. Filed under: Products
Spotlight on Full Height Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

There was a time when all kitchens would have a larder as a large, cool food store. As times have changed and fridges have become better, a separate room to store food in no longer seems necessary.

If you still need a large space to store food outside of the fridge, such as tinned food and non-perishables, a full-height cabinet is a great alternative to the larders of old. If you’re considering a built-in oven or other appliance, then our full height solid oak kitchen cabinets provide ideal housings. Our tall kitchen units are available in the standard 570mm depth, as well as a variety of widths up to 600mm and heights up to 2145mm. Like all our other cabinets, they’re constructed from solid European oak panels, so don’t necessarily require an end panel to create a stunning look. The rear panels are an oak-veneered composite, which gives the cabinet space to naturally expand and contract without the wood cracking over time.

Full height cabinets come with a pair of shelves included, though extras are available as well as a fantastic range of wirework, to give a full height cabinet some easily-accessible storage. We can also provide a range of different door and drawer combinations, perfect for storing large cooking pans, pans or anything else you might require space for. Our drawers and ‘lift-up’ doors come with excellent mechanisms from Blum, which provide exceptionally smooth movement and long-lasting quality.

If you’d like to see our full height cabinets up close, then why not come over to our Gloucester-based showroom to see them for yourself? We have a number of different full height cabinets in our demonstration kitchens, including some with wirework.


Solid Oak Kitchens in Elephant’s Breath: June’s Colour of the Month

Posted by admin on June 11, 2014 at 4:33 pm. Filed under: Products
Solid Oak Kitchens in Elephant’s Breath: June’s Colour of the Month

There are some curious names given to several of Farrow & Ball’s paints, such as Cat’s Paw, Dead Salmon and Nancy’s Blushes. None are more iconic than the name given to this delicate shade of grey with lilac undertones: Elephant’s Breath.

Its name is a real conversation-starter that adds that extra layer of intrigue to a colour that might otherwise be passed off as ‘just another’ shade of grey. The name has a long history, however, and was brought into modern use by renowned 20th Century English decorator, John Fowler. Indeed, in her book Elephant’s Breath and London Smoke, Deb Salisbury provides evidence that the name has been since 1874. In 1909 it was described as “a cool purple-grey”, which seems a rather apt description to this day.

‘Elephant’s Breath’ suits a wide range of solid oak kitchens, working very well in modern themes alongside darker purple and blue cabinetry accents, and when combined with dark wooden worktops such as walnut and wenge. It also carries itself alongside other light pastel hues, crisp whites and natural materials, such as earthenware tiling, linen fabrics and stone or brickwork.

Do keep in mind that it can look entirely different under fluorescent lighting to how it does in natural daylight, varying from a peachy brown to the more familiar mauve-tinted grey. If you’re not sure how this shade will look in your kitchen, why not consider ordering one of our painted door kitchen samples? Priced at £20 including delivery, these sample doors a miniature version of the real thing, and allow you to fully appreciate whether the paint is the perfect fit for your kitchen.


June’s Kitchen Gadget of the Month

Posted by admin on June 4, 2014 at 3:09 pm. Filed under: General
Kitchen Gadget of the Month - the Awox StriimLIGHT mini

Last month’s specially chosen kitchen gadget appealed to the culinary creative amongst you, but this month we’re getting down with a gadget that promises to deliver music as well as eco-friendly lighting from a single screw-fit light socket.

The AwoX StriimLIGHT is described as a Bluetooth / Wifi enabled musical light, which allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device – be it smartphone, tablet or computer. You’ll never need to have an unattractive music system on show again; instead, just hide this light behind the protection of a lamp shade.

There’s two versions of the light, one with Bluetooth connectivity to suit those who keep their music collection on their phone or tablet, and another (more expensive) model that instead has Wi-Fi built-in to enable connection from any Wi-Fi connected device.

You might be wondering what exactly a speaker / light gadget combo is doing in a kitchen blog, but we’re pretty convinced that hidden music systems are something every kitchen needs. You won’t risk spilling something upon a worktop radio or music dock; it’s almost completely hidden and unobtrusive (using your smartphone as a remote), and you have the freedom to install more than one throughout the house to create different ‘zones’ of music.

There are three versions available in the UK: the Awox StriimLIGHT mini, a Bluetooth variant for mini screw-fittings at £48.99; the standard-sized Bluetooth StriimLIGHT for £63.98; and the StriimLIGHT Wi-Fi for £121.99. We know what to put on our Christmas list now (it’s not too early for that, is it?)

Found an interesting gadget that would suit oak kitchens? Why not share it with us on social media? We’re frequenting Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter and hanging out on Google+, so do get in touch!