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Accessorise Oak Kitchens with Solid Wood Pilasters

Posted by admin on July 23, 2014 at 1:18 pm. Filed under: Products

If you’re looking for the perfect detailing touch to finish off your kitchen cabinetry, our kitchen pilasters are just the right feature to include in oak kitchens. Our solid wood pilasters come in a variety of sizes and styles, which can be applied directly to the exterior join between two kitchen cabinets, greatly enhancing the overall appearance.

Sold wood PilastersSold wood Pilasters

Choose from contemporary chunky wood, routed classic ‘pillar’, or twisted ‘pillar’ styles for a variety of kitchen design themes; whether contemporary or country, there’s a pilaster to suit your taste.

Our pilasters are available in a range of woods, too. From traditional oak to exotic iroko and wenge, we can supply pilasters to match your wood worktop of choice, and in a variety of finishes. Choose from an unfettered sanded finish, a glossy lacquer coating, or even painted to match cabinet frontals (we can hand finish in any colour from Farrow & Ball).

Consider using a combination of classic pilasters with more ornate variations either side of built-in appliances to make the decorative details stand out even more. Whilst pilasters can be used as corner posts in some situations, we also have Shaker and Traditional style corner posts to complement pilasters used elsewhere in the kitchen.

So what are you waiting for? Try a pilaster today – or, if you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Spotlight on Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets for Corners

Posted by admin on July 16, 2014 at 8:43 am. Filed under: Products
Spotlight on Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets for Corners

Solid oak kitchen cabinets are ideal for a host of kitchen designs, though sometimes you’ll need to consider space-saving as well as style when considering your new kitchen’s layout.

Corner cabinets are a necessary part of many kitchens, but with cheap and old-fashioned corner cabinets, space is often wasted and unusable. At Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, we offer solid oak corner cabinets in two base cabinet designs as well as one that is ideal for a wall-mounted cabinet.

Our standard corner solution cabinet is a simple and cost-effective way of utilising cabinets in a corner, and is available in 900, 1000 and 1200mm widths. It comes with a standard 715mm high door in a choice of finishes, corner post, Blum™ BLUMOTION™ soft close hinges, a 3.5mm oak-foiled rear ‘blind’ panel and fixtures to install the corner post and blind panel. These cabinets work fantastically well with our pull-out magic basket corner wirework, and ensure maximum space-saving efficiency.

L-shaped corner base cabinets are perfect for making best use of available corner cabinet space in your kitchen. They are designed to maximise internal storage space, and come in one size – H720mm x 920mm x 570mm that perfectly combines with our ¾ carousel wirework to provide ample room.

We also offer oak kitchen wall cabinets that are ideal space-savers for kitchens with available corners. We have two sizes available (H720mm or H900mm), to suit all manner of kitchen layouts with available corner space. As with all our other cabinets, they’re manufactured from staves of solid oak and provided with a resilient and attractive lacquered finish.

To see a sample of our cabinet quality, either take a trip to our Gloucester showroom, or order one of our great value cabinet samples. They’re available for only £5 including delivery, which can be refunded if you choose to place an order with us.


Solid Oak Kitchens in Plummett: July’s Colour of the Month

Posted by admin on July 9, 2014 at 4:17 pm. Filed under: Products
Plummett July’s Colour of the Month for solid oak kitchens

One of Farrow & Ball’s newest colours, this particular shade of grey was introduced to the range in 2011. In certain lights, grey can be seen as oppressive – not so with Plummett, which manages to be just light enough to feel cool and contemporary.

Named after the lead weight used in fishing, this metallic shade looks fantastic alongside darker woods such as iroko and walnut (though will suit any wooden worktop), and is ideal for cabinet frontals in modern solid oak kitchens with an industrial vibe.

Alternatively, consider creating a ‘feature’ wall in your kitchen with Plummett; choose bright white tones throughout the space to produce a sense of complementary contrast (New White would be a good pick).

Consider the natural light in the room, too. Sitting amongst our ‘Strong Accents’ selection, in warm summer light this attractive grey takes on light earthy tones, whilst in the colder light of winter, it possesses hints of blue.

If you’d like to see how cabinet doors painted in Plummett will look in the light of your kitchen – or any other room for that matter – then order one (or more) of our mini painted cabinet door kitchen samples. They’re a steal at only £20 including delivery, and can be hand-finished in Plummet, or any of the other Farrow & Ball shades available.


July’s Kitchen Gadget of the Month

Posted by admin on July 2, 2014 at 3:09 pm. Filed under: General
July’s Kitchen Gadget of the Month

Any kitchen gadget that cuts down on the amount of washing up required is a winner with the gang here at Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets.

This month’s gadget of choice is the 3 in 1 Digital Jug Scales from Morphy Richards. It’s the ideal companion for any kitchen, thanks to the novel idea of combining a stainless steel mixing bowl and scales in to one attractive gadget.

You can carry on adding ingredients and weighing them individually using the handy tare function, which zeros the scale after you’ve added the ingredient, meaning you really will cut down on the washing up.

Whether you’re baking a cake or making flapjacks by the dozen, this really is a handy gadget that will not only replace your tired scales, but eliminates the need for multiple separate mixing bowls. There’s also inbuilt volume indicator for oil, milk, water and flour.

The Digital Jug Scales are available in black, red and white, one of which will hopefully match your kitchen’s colour scheme. If you’re sold on the idea, then you can buy one direct from Morphy Richards for £22.49.

Have you found an interesting gadget or piece of kitchen tech that would suit solid wood kitchens? Share it with us on social media – look us up on Facebook, Twitter or on Google+.