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May’s Kitchen Gadget of the Month

Posted by admin on May 27, 2015 at 2:11 pm. Filed under: General

Thanks to the success of our recent ‘Tasty Tech’ competition, it has proved difficult to top the fantastic gadgets that were offered as prizes; but this month we have an innovative gadget that appeals to our British taste buds and to those of us that like to monitor our waistlines, without giving up the foods we love.

The Viva Airfryer from Philips is a novel take on the chip fryer that was once a staple gadget in many oak kitchens, but has more recently fallen out of fashion because of people’s desire to seek out healthier alternatives to deep-fried foods.

With just a tablespoon of oil, the Viva Airfryer uses a small fan to pass warm air over the chips in a manner similar to a fan-assisted oven, which creates crispy golden fries without anywhere near as much fat content as chips cooked in a regular deep fat fryer.

In just 20 minutes, the Philips Viva Airfryer is capable of creating tasty chips as well as a range of other meals such as baked potatoes, spring rolls and chicken drumsticks. Without the oil, you can even try your hand at cooking cakes, crumbles and quiches inside it, though you will need to hunt down a rather small oven dish to accommodate them in the Airfryer’s diminutive cooking compartment.

If you enjoy a delicious British meal of fish & chips, or as a side to burgers, pizzas and any number of other dishes, then kitting out your kitchen with a companion for healthy frying is a must. The Philips Viva Airfryer HD9220 retails at around £99 and has fully-adjustable temperature control, an integrated timer including alarm and uses up to 80% less oil than a conventional fryer.

If you have tried the Philips Airfryer yourself or have a new kitchen toy that you think we should feature as our ‘Gadget of the Month’, then let us know over on one of our social media pages. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, our profiles are regularly updated with links to the latest info guides, blogs, promotions and more.


Spotlight on Glazed Frontals in Solid Oak Kitchens

Posted by admin on May 20, 2015 at 1:46 pm. Filed under: General

Our solid oak kitchen doors are ideal for kitchen base cabinets and can be painted in any colour from Farrow & Ball’s eggshell range.

Whilst these doors are also suitable for the majority of wooden wall cabinets, it is nice to add some diversity to your kitchen’s design whilst showing off the contents of your units with the help of our glazed doors.

Available in three styles – Shaker doors with frosted glass and Traditional doors with either frosted or tinted glass – a glazed door adds extra character to any kitchen, whilst also helping to reflect additional light around the space.

Glazed doors are suited to almost any design – be it modern or traditional – and all feature quality Class A glass which meets the BS6206 standard, guaranteeing durability up to the highest rating awarded by the British and European Safety Standard tests.

In a traditional solid oak kitchens, consider either lacquered or dark painted doors to complement tinted glass, whilst frosted glass is more suitable for matching with doors painted in a lighter colour. For modern kitchens in the Shaker style, frosted glass is a stunning combination for any type of door – whether lacquered or painted.

Like our standard oak doors, each glazed frontal is constructed from 20mm thick oak panels, and can be mounted to our wall cabinets using Blum™ BLUMOTION™ soft-close hinges.

If you would like to see our variety of glazed doors for yourself, why not visit one of our kitchen showrooms? All three showrooms have a number of glazed cabinets on display, and our friendly team would be happy to talk you through the various options.


New Species Added to Our Worktop Range: Perfect for Solid Wood Kitchens

Posted by admin on May 13, 2015 at 1:49 pm. Filed under: General

We are very proud to announce that our superb range of worktops – all of which are ideal for solid wood kitchens – has greatly expanded this week, with 2 new wood species added to the collection in the form of ash worktops and black oak worktops. These two worktops couldn’t look more different, but both have unique qualities that make them an excellent choice for modern and traditional kitchen settings.

Black Oak worktops
Ash Worktops

Our new ash worktops are made of brightly-coloured European ash, which is not only hard wearing but also possesses great aesthetic appeal: like a lighter version of oak, but with a finer grain pattern. The grain is largely straight, but does feature some interesting curly formations that add extra character to the worktop surface.

The other new option, our black oak worktops, are – as the name suggests – a darker form of our oak worktops. Made from the same high-quality European oak as is used for our standard oak worktops, black oak is subjected to a special treatment process which darkens the wood throughout the full depth of the worktop, creating a darker and more luxurious surface that is a great alternative to wenge or black American walnut worktops.

As well as these two new species, we have also added a range of Deluxe worktops, including popular species such as oak, iroko, zebrano and both types of walnut. These Deluxe worktops feature considerably wider 90mm staves that serve to better show off the elegant colour and grain of our natural timbers.

Finally, we have also added a few new full stave species to our worktop collection: full stave wenge, full stave zebrano and full stave ash. These beautiful new worktops feature staves up to 90mm wide that run the full length of the worktop – as lavish as it gets, and sure to be a stunning centrepiece in any kitchen!

To see any of our worktops up close, we invite you to order one of our worktop samples for just £5 including delivery. Each sample is cut from existing worktop stock and oiled on one side to give you a good representation of the finished product.


Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets Hit the North – Our New Chesterfield Showroom!

Posted by admin on May 6, 2015 at 8:41 am. Filed under: General

We have been welcoming customers through the doors of our Gloucester showroom since 2011, and after the opening of our Harlow showroom in November last year, we decided it was time to give those in the North of England and Wales a chance to get up-close with our solid oak kitchen cabinets.

The new showroom is situated just north of Chesterfield on the Broom Business Park next to the A61, and features 8 inspiring kitchen sets that include a variety of our wood kitchen cabinets and matching accessories, topped off by gorgeous wooden kitchen worktops from our sister company Worktop Express.

Come and visit the showroom today, and our team can provide you with kitchen samples of our wooden kitchen units, painted oak frontals and hardwood worktops. Our samples are perfect for viewing the quality and colour of our wooden kitchen components in the light of your own kitchen.

If you are planning on paying us a visit, the new Chesterfield showroom is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 9am and 5pm (closed on Wednesday and Sunday). We don’t ask that you book an appointment, but if you are travelling a reasonable distance we recommend you give us a call so that we can ensure one of our advisers is free to answer any queries you may have. Kerry and the team in Chesterfield look forward to seeing any new visitors.

Don’t forget, our Gloucester and Harlow kitchen showrooms are open for business throughout the week and on Saturdays (please check the individual pages for opening times).