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Kitchen Decorating Ideas for Solid Oak Kitchens – Part 3

Posted by admin on February 22, 2017 at 12:54 pm. Filed under: General

When designing your kitchen, the space you have available is an important consideration. Kitchen decorating ideas that fully utilise the area and incorporate existing features or accents can create a truly unique style for your home. In the third and final part of this blog series, we have taken a look at the ways in which you can make the most of what you have – whether you’re redecorating an existing kitchen or planning a complete remodel.

Utilising Space in Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Open up the Room

This open kitchen features our lacquered oak Shaker frontals

Choosing to combine kitchen and living areas – such as a kitchen with a dining room – can be a great way to create additional space. This is perfect if you have little room available, or if either of the areas you are looking to merge are lacking in size. In the kitchen shown above, though the room is fairly large, the wall space is limited. By extending the work surface into the available space, a greater worktop area is created as well as additional dining room. The forward-facing hob is perfect for those who entertain frequently: it looks wonderful within this open plan design.

Natural Accents

The exposed stonework in this kitchen combines beautifully with Traditional frontals in Farrow & Ball’s Lulworth Blue

This kitchen is a beautiful illustration of how existing architectural features can be utilised to their full potential. The exposed stone wall is the perfect complement for the solid oak used throughout the room. Choosing tiles that mimic the look of stone gives the design a sense of intention whilst balancing the overall aesthetic. Traditional frontals in Farrow & Ball’s Lulworth Blue add a bright and breezy accent colour to the mix, ensuring that the sandy stone and golden timber do not overwhelm the room. The beams overhead – coupled with the window frames – tie everything together nicely, completing the seamless look of the kitchen.

This is the final blog in our three-part series – we hope we have given you some kitchen decorating ideas for your own home. Please read parts one and two if you missed these previously, and let us know if you’ve utilised any of these ideas in your kitchen by sharing photos on our Facebook or Instagram.


Kitchen Decorating Ideas for Solid Oak Kitchens – Part 2

Posted by admin on February 15, 2017 at 3:46 pm. Filed under: General

Last week we looked at colour and how it can be utilised to bring a unique sense of style to your kitchen. In the second of our three-part series on kitchen decorating ideas, we are discussing how texture can be used to create different looks in a kitchen. Smooth, glossy finishes will often be associated with more contemporary designs, whilst solid wood creates a sense of tradition. Components like worktops, cabinet frontals, handles for kitchen cabinets and tiles offer an opportunity to introduce different textures into your home – as we will explore below.

Surfaces and Textures for Kitchen Design

Mix and Match

This kitchen contrasts the natural grain of wood against the high gloss work surfaces and glass splashbacks.

Combining a variety of different finishes can provide an interesting and unique kitchen aesthetic. The kitchen pictured here features a stylish mix of gloss surfaces and natural wood grain which creates an unusual contrast between textures. The cabinet handles are a brushed satin, and a matching tap has been chosen to ensure that the gloss backsplash really stands out despite its pastel green hue.


High gloss teal subway tiles look striking against a black American walnut worktop and traditional frontals in Hardwicke White.

Tiles can be used in a number of ways to create a striking look within your kitchen. The black American walnut work surface complements the floor tiles, and the cabinet pulls, appliances and electrical sockets are all a dark silver shade, which contrasts with the neutral cabinets and walls. As the centre of the kitchen, the teal subway tiles used are a stunning focal point and brighten up a kitchen that could otherwise have been muted in terms of colour. The tiles are also the only fixed part of the kitchen that is high gloss – another feature that really draws the eye.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these examples, which have been chosen to give insight into how texture can be used in kitchen decorating ideas. Our blog series will conclude next week with part three, so don’t forget to check back next Wednesday!


Kitchen Decorating Ideas for Solid Oak Kitchens – Part 1

Posted by admin on February 8, 2017 at 9:50 am. Filed under: General

There are a number of different style options to consider if you are planning to redecorate your kitchen. Indeed, if you are thinking about how you want your kitchen to look – and how it might relate to the rest of your home – this compilation of kitchen decorating ideas offers the perfect place to start. It is important to consider the room you have available as well as the features and benefits of the space – whether that is limited natural light, a beautiful view, or interesting architectural characteristics.

Colour Schemes for Decorating Kitchens

All White Shaker cabinet frontals with worktops in a monochrome look that is softened by the introduction of colour through pastel grey walls.


One of the first things most will contemplate when planning their new kitchen is the colour scheme. A monochrome kitchen like the one pictured can be translated to a plethora of home styles, from a fresh take on a traditional country kitchen to a very up-to-date, modern look. This clean and classic style is timeless; it’s also easy to update by introducing colourful accessories or by changing the wall colour. As such, monochrome is the perfect choice for those who are prone to changing their minds or redecorating frequently. Cabinet frontals are also easy to paint, with a white shade providing the best base should you decide to do this later down the line.

Although this wallpapered pillar stands out, it still integrates seamlessly with the kitchen.

Wallpaper Accents

A wallpaper accent is a great way to draw focus to a particular part of a room. If you are looking for kitchen decorating ideas, it is important to ensure you make allowances for the shape of your room when making plans. This wallpapered pillar is a beautiful example of how to use available space effectively. The pillar protrudes into the room, thus preventing an additional wall cabinet from being hung, and as such floating shelves are used instead; these shelves follow the angles of the room and – rather than trying to conceal the pillar – break briefly to draw attention to it. The resultant effect is that of an interesting focal point for the room: an eye-catching feature. Choosing wallpaper with a pattern that includes colours from the rest of the kitchen is important, too, as it helps tie the room together.

This is part one of a three-part blog series, the second of which we’ll be publishing next week – so don’t forget to check back next Wednesday!


Drawer Units Discounts: 10% Off Selected Styles for Solid Wood Kitchens

Posted by admin on February 1, 2017 at 11:00 am. Filed under: General
10% Off Drawer Units Solid Wood Kitchens

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If you would like to learn more about our drawers for solid wood kitchens, our guide to drawers explains the benefits of each available type. Alternatively, we have a number of kitchen showrooms across the country, so please feel free to visit us if you would prefer to see the drawers up close before you place your order.

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