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Last Chance to Save 10% on Our Solid Wood Kitchens

Posted by admin on July 26, 2017 at 9:00 am. Filed under: General
Last Chance to Save 10% on Our Solid Wood Kitchens

Our current offer of 10% discount on all complete kitchen cabinets is ending soon! Solid wood kitchens are a fantastic investment for your home and we have been offering a 10% discount on any complete cabinets ordered throughout July, meaning you have just less than a week remaining to benefit from this generous discount.

All of our cabinets are constructed from beautiful solid European oak and are delivered fully assembled, so the most difficult thing you will need to do is decide where to position them in your kitchen once they have arrived. This offer is applicable to full units consisting of oak kitchen cabinets and cabinet and drawer frontals.

Whether you want to use Traditional frontals to create a country style or Shaker frontals for a more minimalist, modern look, the cost of your new kitchen can be discounted. To qualify, simply add the products you want to order to your shopping cart and use the code OAK10 at the online checkout. If you are purchasing over the phone, via email or in one of our showrooms, simply mention the offer to the sales advisor taking your order, and they will be happy to apply the discount for you.

You only have until 23:59 on Monday 31st July to make the most of this amazing offer; if you are considering a new solid wood kitchen, now is the time to place your order! This discount is not applicable to our worktops, any cabinet products purchased separately (doors without cabinets or cabinets without doors) or in conjunction with our finance offer.


Fully Assembled Kitchen Cabinets Now Available in Scotland

Posted by admin on July 24, 2017 at 2:00 pm. Filed under: General
Fully assembled Solid Wood Kichen Cabinets 2Man delivery now available in Scotland

At Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets we offer a two-man delivery service to ensure our products are delivered with the same care that is taken when they are made. Fully assembled kitchen cabinets have been available from us for almost two years, and we have now rolled out our in-house delivery coverage further to include the majority of Scotland meaning our pre-built oak cabinets can now be delivered to the vast majority of Britain.

The assembly service makes it easy to fit your new kitchen as the cabinets are ready to install as soon as they arrive. Our dedicated cabinetry team has extensive carpentry experience that allows us to ensure your kitchen cupboards are constructed to the highest possible quality, and as they quality check each and every item that leaves our warehouse, it is much easier for them to identify any potential issues before your products are delivered – the only thing you will need to do is decide how best to fit everything into your kitchen.

This extended two-man delivery coverage area that now includes large portions of Scotland means we are able to offer this higher standard of service across the country. Attention to detail is hugely important to us and we believe this is what sets us apart from the competition. Our fully assembled kitchen cabinets are constructed from solid oak and are exceptionally high quality, so we are pleased to be able to now match this with the level of delivery service offered in Scotland.

If you would like to know more about the areas covered by our two-man delivery service, please visit our delivery details page.


Are William Morris Tea Towels the Next Big Thing?

Posted by admin on July 19, 2017 at 10:57 am. Filed under: General

William Morris once said “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”; fortunately we think our solid wood kitchens are both. The textile designer with a penchant for nature themed prints has remained popular throughout the century following his death, but it has now been suggested that William Morris tea towels are responsible, at least in part, for a resurgence in popularity.

During his lifetime, William Morris designed a huge variety of block printed wallpapers, embroideries, ceramics, furniture and stained glass, and his popular prints have now been featured on a huge range of products from curtains to cushion covers and clothing. The symmetrical patterns make Morris a British icon, and for those wishing to pay homage we have compiled a list of our favourite themed kitchen products below.

Willow Boughs is a hugely popular William Morris print and one that works perfectly in traditionally styled kitchens

Image Credit: william-morris.co.uk

Willough Boughs Wallpaper

Arguably the most popular William Morris design, this instantly recognisable print has not been out of production since its inception in 1887. This would look particularly striking in a country kitchen and is not an overpowering option for walls as it features fewer colours than many other William Morris patterns. The delicate print is immediately recognisable with stems and leaves entwined throughout.
Strawberry Thief curtains are a stylish way to incorporate William Morris in your kitchen

Image Credit: scottsofstow.co.uk

Strawberry Thief Curtains

For a more subtle look, these Strawberry Thief curtains provide a large enough area for the print to be showcased in all its beauty without being overwhelming in a smaller space. The playful design has small birds stealing strawberries from plants that are woven across the pattern. With a number of different hues featured, this could work well in a variety of kitchen styles and colour schemes.
Brother Rabbit is a fantastic choice for William Morris tea towels

Image Credit: laurasbeau.co.uk

Brother Rabbit Tea Towel

The Telegraph recently suggested that William Morris tea towels were partially responsible for the resurgence in popularity, and looking at this design from Laura’s Beau, it is easy to see why. The intricately detailed Brother Rabbit print is two-tone, making it easy to work into any style of kitchen. The white base of this pattern gives it a more modern feel, and the inky blue tones would look great alongside Royal Doulton or Cornishware dinner sets.
This Golden Lily China Mug is the perfect way to bring a little William Morris into your kitchen

Image Credit: nationaltrust.org.uk

Golden Lily China Mug

If the thought of a William Morris tea towel seems a bit much, this beautiful mug is a fantastic way to bring a subtle hint of William Morris into your kitchen. The Golden Lily pattern was actually designed by John Henry Dearle, who was trained by William Morris. This print is less symmetrical than other patterns and although it is recognisable as a ‘Morris’ design, it is clear that it has a slightly different origin than others in the collection.

We think William Morris tea towels could be the next big thing – do you have any William Morris in your kitchen? We would love to see it, so why not tag us in your photos on Facebook or Twitter.


3 Reasons to Love Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by admin on July 12, 2017 at 9:48 am. Filed under: General

Exposing the contents of your cabinets for the world to see can seem like a terrifying thought, but glass fronted cupboards are a big trend for 2017. Glazed kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of styles and can be incorporated into a huge number of different designs – so there is something to suit every kitchen. In this blog we have compiled the top three reasons why we love glazed cabinet frontals, in order to provide some inspiration for your new solid wood kitchen cabinets.

This country style kitchen features traditional glazed frontals for a classic look


As mentioned above, we offer a selection of different designs available for glazed kitchen cabinets. Shaker frontals look fantastic in modern designs and can be painted to match your kitchen theme. Our Traditional glazed frontals feature individual glass panes between wooden frames which, can also be painted to suit your style. We also have frosted or tinted glass available, and plain, clear glass options can also be sourced easily from other kitchen manufacturers. Our extensive selection of customisable components allows you to create a look that is perfect for your kitchen.

Glazed kitchen cabinets can make a fantastic alternative to open shelves in a modern design

Shelving Alternative

The recent industrial trend has seen a resurgence in popularity for exposed shelving storage solutions in place of closed cupboards to keep dried goods and crockery close at hand. This is a sleek, stylish look that can work well in a number of spaces, but will mean there’s another exposed surface that needs dusting. Glazed kitchen cabinets are the perfect compromise, providing a stylish and practical alternative to exposed shelves without hiding away all your most stylish kitchenware.

Frosted glass Shaker frontals look fantastic in this traditional style kitchen painted in Farrow & Ball’s All White

Country Style

Whilst glazed kitchen cabinets are a great option for a contemporary kitchen, our Traditional frontals featuring glazed panels lend themselves particularly well to creating a country kitchen look. We wrote a guide about using these and other details to create a shabby chic design, but they also look fantastic in classic farmhouse or country interiors.

Do you have glazed kitchen cabinets in your home? Let us know why you love glass fronted cupboards in the comments below, and feel free to share your snaps with us on Facebook and Instagram.


Colours of the Month: A Green Kitchen for July

Posted by admin on July 5, 2017 at 9:41 am. Filed under: General

There are a number of ways to inject colour into your home, and our bespoke cabinet frontals allow you to create a unique look that suits your kitchen perfectly. Inspired by Greenery, Pantone’s colour of the year, we have been looking for green kitchen hues that work well on cabinet doors, walls, or as an accent colour. Green is a fantastic choice for creating a traditional looking kitchen, but can be used in more modern settings just as effectively. We have compiled the three green hues that we think are best for decorating a kitchen this July.

Green Ground is a pale, calming green
A bright, cheery shade, Breakfast Room Green is a bold choice in any home
Vert De Terre is a cooler option that looks particularly good in a country style kitchen

Farrow & Ball’s Green Ground is a great pale hue to introduce a subtle hint of green into your kitchen. Green Ground pairs particularly well with bright whites such as All White or Wimbourne White to create a fresh, clean look. This calming shade is perfect for a family kitchen and is a great choice for a shabby chic look.

Breakfast Room Green is a bright, cheerful colour that adds character to any home. It is a bold option that could be used on cabinet frontals to create a strong, Georgian look that works particularly well with a solid wood worktop. We would suggest combining this Farrow & Ball colour with lighter, more neutral shades, to avoid it becoming overwhelming. For a less striking look, Breakfast Room Green looks great as an accent colour on skirting and door or window frames.

With blue undertones, Farrow & Ball’s Vert De Terre can be used to create a cooler green kitchen. This sage hue is a stunning option for a number of different styles, but we think it works well in a country kitchen.

Which of our green shades is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! If you would like to share your green kitchen with us, please feel free to tag us in your pictures on Facebook or Instagram.


10% Discount on Oak Kitchen Units Throughout July with Discount Code OAK10

Posted by admin on July 1, 2017 at 11:00 am. Filed under: General

For the entire month of July we are offering a 10% discount to all customers who purchase any of our complete kitchen cupboard or drawer units (including frontals). Every size and style of our solid wood kitchen cabinets are included in this offer, making it a great time to buy a new kitchen or spruce up the one you already have.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets constructs all kitchen units from high-quality solid oak, with the option for cabinet matching oak frontals in a Traditional or Shaker design and a selection of different finishes including paints from Farrow & Ball’s range. The wide range available makes it easy to design a kitchen to suit all tastes and styles.

To claim your 10% discount simply choose the units and frontals required, add them to your cart and enter the discount code OAK10 in the online checkout. Your discount will be automatically deducted from the cost of any complete kitchen units in your order. Alternatively, orders can be placed over the telephone or via one of our kitchen showrooms; simply mention the offer to one of our sales advisors and they will be happy to apply the discount for you.

You only have until Monday 31st July to claim this fantastic discount, so make sure you order soon to avoid paying more! Visit our current offers page to stay up to date on the latest savings!