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How to Style Marble Laminate Worktops

Posted by admin on July 2, 2019 at 10:38 am. Filed under: General

Marble is a timeless material to include in a kitchen, but it is often very expensive and difficult to install. Here at Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, we offer marble laminate worktops that perfectly imitate real marble at a fraction of the price. Let’s take a look at a few examples of marble kitchens to give you some ideas about how you can use marble effect features in your own kitchen.

Marble Worktop in a Light Coloured Kitchen

Marble worktops are perfectly suited to kitchens with a light colour palette.

Credit : Pinterest

White marble is the perfect worktop for a kitchen with a pale colour scheme. It helps to create a light and airy feel and lends itself to producing a sophisticated and elegant kitchen. Here you can see how well it works with pure white cabinets, tiled walls and a pale wooden floor.

Marble Worktop in a Dark Coloured Kitchen

Marble worktops worktop perfectly well in darker coloured kitchens.

Credit : Pinterest

Marble is versatile material and also works just as well in darker kitchens. Here you can see how a grey colour palette complements the darker swirls and streaks in the marble worktop. This colouration is also picked up in the cabinets, floor and wall colour while the high gloss finish complements the stainless-steel light fixtures.

Marble Splashbacks

Pairing a marble worktop with a matching splashback is an excellent way to add continuity to your kitchen. A marble effect splashback is easy to install and in fact, only takes one person a few minutes to do. Compared to tiling, which takes a lot longer and can be more costly, splashbacks are more hygienic and give an instant result.

Marble Upstands

Splashbacks are perfect for finishing the look in a kitchen.

Credit : Pinterest

Like splashbacks, upstands are a great way to add finishing touches to a marble effect kitchen. They’re a great alternative to tiling right down to the surface of a worktop and are perfect for hiding any gaps along the wall. In this kitchen, marble upstands have been used to create a stylish aesthetic in this contemporary kitchen.

Marble Kitchen Islands

You don’t need a kitchen island this long to create a striking impact. Even a small island in your kitchen makes a stunning feature, especially if you use a marble effect worktop. Not only do they introduce interest, but they also add valuable worktop space and storage too. You could even add a few stools to create a seating area for eating or working.

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