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Announcing our iPhone 6 Competition Winner!

Posted by admin on October 22, 2014 at 4:02 pm. Filed under: General
The Goat

(hat courtesy of the team at SWKC)

Over the last month we offered our customers the opportunity to win one of this year’s most coveted gadgets: an iPhone 6. All we asked in return was that customers enter by posting a photograph of their real wood kitchens on our Facebook page.

We were thrilled that so many of our customers got into the spirit and entered – resulting in some truly fantastic pictures of oak kitchens, all of which were made possible by using our products. Some were the stuff of show-homes such as Gavin Fisher’s fantastic blue kitchen, or Neil Refson’s natural wooden kitchen (pictured below) whilst others had guests you wouldn’t expect to find in a kitchen, such as Karen Askew’s pet goat…

Gavin Fisher’s fantastic blue kitchenNeil Refson’s natural wooden kitchen

The winner, who garnered over 120 likes by the time the competition ended, was… (drumroll please…)

Renate Jephcott! The Winner of the iPhone 6

It was clearly the curvy countertop that clinched it for Renate, who is quite rightly very proud of her kitchen. It features our oak kitchen cabinets, traditional door frontals and some beautifully finished Prime Oak worktops. Congratulations Renate, and feel free to send us more pictures of your kitchen taken with your brand new iPhone 6! The runner up, with a final tally of 77 likes, was Bridget Ann Hales’ kitchen: a full-on oak kitchen, featuring full stave oak and lacquered cabinets throughout. We’re big fans of the natural wooden kitchen, and clearly Bridget’s friends are, too!

We also decided to give a prize for our favourite photo in the competition, and after whittling it down to three entries, we turned it over to our panel of judges to decide. After much deliberation over the added-value of goats in a kitchen, it was decided that our favourite photo was Sally Reay’s colourful design, which combines full stave oak worktops with some bespoke painted doors in a variety of Farrow & Ball shades. Great job Sally!

Bridget Ann HalesSally Reay

Thanks to all others who entered the competition – we always enjoy seeing finished kitchens that make use of our products, and really appreciate you sharing your pictures with us. If you missed out on the competition this time, don’t worry, there will no doubt be more in the future. In the meantime, make sure you’re following our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with the latest news and views.


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