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August’s Kitchen Gadget of the Month

Posted by admin on August 6, 2014 at 8:42 am. Filed under: General
The Sousvide Supreme™ SVS-10LS

Ever since Heston Blumenthal graced our screens, there’s been a positive surge in new methods of cooking. No longer are a traditional oven and stove all that may be required to prepare beautiful meals in solid oak kitchens.

This month’s must-have kitchen gadget is a favourite of Michelin Star restaurants and budding master chefs: The Sousvide Supreme™ SVS-10LS. It is a water oven that is designed especially to bring this new form of gourmet cooking into even the smallest of kitchens. Water ovens claim to be able to dramatically simplify food preparation and deliver more consistent results than any regular oven is capable of.

Sous vide is perfect for cooking meat and vegetables, producing beautifully tender meats and vegetables that have retained all of their natural flavouring. Rather than simply cooking them in water, the method of sous vide requires that you vacuum-seal the produce in a bag first. Special sealing gadgets are available, with a variety of different sized vacuum sealer bags.

In a similar fashion to a slow cooker, the gadget is designed to cook produce slowly at lower temperatures than a conventional cooker; a function that not only saves money but also enables you to cook on a timer, readying your meal with perfect timing whilst you’re out of the house.

The Sous Vide Supreme™ SVS-10LS water oven is available direct from sousvidetools.com for £349.99, along with the vacuum sealer and all the accessories you might need.

If you have found an interesting gadget or piece of kitchen tech that would suit solid wood kitchens, then please do share it with us on social media – get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or on Google+.


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