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Bring the Future into your Home with these Gadgets

Posted by admin on January 29, 2018 at 12:13 pm. Filed under: General

If you want to haul your kitchen into the 21st century, or you would simply like the latest technology and gadgets to make life in your cooking area as easy as possible, we have rounded up some of the best items that could well be in your future kitchen. We have resisted the temptation to completely fill this list with app-connected appliances, although a few smartphone-compatible gadgets have crept in – ones we think will revolutionise cooking.

Philips Viva Airfryer

This Philips Airfryer cooks chips and other meals using very little oil

Credit: Philips

It might not be an appliance to keep out on the worktop at all times, but the Philips Viva Airfryer proves its worth by being incredibly versatile, and cooking healthily too. It will fry chips using little or no oil, making them much less fattening, as well as being great for baking, roasting and grilling. Being able to cook up to 800g of food at one time means it is perfect for family dinners, and the small amount of oil used and dishwasher-safe parts make it very easy to clean. Prices vary from £75 – £180 for the range.

Samsung Family Hub smart fridge

Samsung’s Family Hub fridge is smart enough to tell you what is in your fridge and when it expires

Credit: Samsung

Smart fridges have been on the horizon for a while, but this Samsung Family Hub is one of the most well-executed. Cameras inside the fridge let you know what is in there, which is a practical option for those who prefer to go list-free when doing the grocery shop, and it will even send you notifications when food is close to its expiry date. Not only that, but the 21.5-inch screen can mirror a smart TV, play music and act as a calendar, note pad or photo frame. This technology is seriously impressive, and it seems to be one of those gadgets that you cannot live without once you have sampled it. That said, with the smallest version costing £2,000, it is a rather more expensive option for keeping your food fresh.

Tefal Cook4Me Connect

The Tefal Cook4Me Connect has Bluetooth and can cook food in as little as 3 minutes

Credit: Tefal

The Tefal Cook4Me Connect might look like a slow cooker, but it is actually far more useful. Download the app and you will have a host of delicious-looking recipes at your fingertips, and the cooker can tell you exactly what you need to buy and how to cook or prepare the meal. Most meals cook very quickly – according to the website, chicken tikka masala takes just three minutes – and it is suitable for a variety of different foods and even soups. At the time of writing, you can find this on Amazon for £269.99.

Maxi-Matic Multi-Function 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Cook your whole breakfast at once with this 3-in-1 breakfast station

Credit: Amazon

If saving counter space and time is the order of the day, you may be interested in this 3-in-1 breakfast maker which cooks your whole breakfast at the same time. The main section is perfect for toast or croissants, there is a frying pan on the top and the coffee pot can brew enough for four cups. It might be an appliance that lives behind a cupboard door – it is not the most aesthetically pleasing item on this list – but there is no questioning its usefulness, especially for those with more compact kitchens. Buy it from Amazon here.

Amazon Echo and Dash Buttons

Amazon Dash Buttons are useful for restocking your household items

Credit: Amazon

Amazon’s latest ventures will make kitchen life easier and more streamlined. The Echo has been getting a lot of attention recently, promising to be useful by setting timers, adding items to your shopping list and switch connected lights on and off, amongst other things. For added convenience, the Dash Buttons automatically order your household essentials when you press the button. For the time being it is only for certain brands, but for everything else you can get a ‘Dash Wand’ that works with the Echo device.

Which smart gadget would you have in your kitchen? Let us know below!


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