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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Fridge

Posted by admin on May 29, 2018 at 11:20 am. Filed under: General

Refrigerators have a single purpose, but – as they are often the largest appliance in a kitchen – it is important to consider your options carefully to ensure the choice you make suits your aesthetic as well as your storage needs. There are many variations and styles available, and a few factors to consider when choosing your perfect kitchen fridge. To help you make the right selection, we have compiled a list of important aspects to think about when choosing your fridge or fridge-freezer.

Layout and Size

There are a number of different layouts available, whether you want fridge-freezer or prefer to keep the two separate. When opting for a fridge-freezer, think about which will get more use – the fridge or the freezer? If you use the use the fridge section of your refrigerator more than the freezer, an appliance with the fridge at the bottom may be less convenient for you.

When you have thought about the layout requirements you have and the available space in your kitchen, you will need to think about size. Kitchen fridges are available in many different sizes, from under-counter options to full-height, double-width American-style units. You will need to think about the number of people in your home and the size and volume you will require for chilled items to help decide which size of fridge is best for you.

Are Different Sections Needed?

Modern kitchen fridges are often equipped with specially designed compartments for different types of food. Varying crisper drawer sizes are available, so this is something to consider if you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Wine racks provide dedicated storage for bottles and cans but, if you have sufficient space, you may decide to integrate a separate drinks fridge into your kitchen. The cook space shown in this photo has one included on the island, along with a wine rack for keeping bottles at room temperature.

Samsung Family Hub 550L smart fridge

Credit: Samsung


When you have decided on the layout that works best for your home and have ensured that there is sufficient storage to meet your needs, you may wish to consider the other functions that many modern refrigerators offer. You might consider a model with an ice or water dispenser, either plumbed into the mains water supply or needs to be topped up manually. You can even get wifi-enabled smart versions that can tell you what is in the fridge and when the food will expire – whilst being connected to music or streaming services.


Of course, making sure your kitchen fridge meets all your needs in a practical sense is important – but it is important to think about how your choice will look in your kitchen. A vintage-looking model from a company such as Smeg or Swan will perfectly complement a modern-retro look, whilst you may want to consider a gloss black or stainless-steel finish for a contemporary kitchen. Fridges are even available with eye-catching designs, colours and glass doors if you are after something rather different. However, a more traditional kitchen style may call for an integrated model that is disguised as a large cabinet, allowing it to blend in.

There are a few aspects to consider when choosing your next fridge or fridge-freezer. Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments section below, and keep up to date with our latest blogs by following our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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