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Colour of the Month: Three Pastels for Solid Oak Kitchens This Spring

Posted by admin on February 18, 2015 at 10:10 am. Filed under: Products

With frost still on the ground, we aren’t trying to get too ahead of ourselves, however now is the perfect time to prepare your kitchen if you are thinking of brightening it up with a new splash of colour this spring (the new season starts in March, after all!)

Having already featured every one of Farrow & Ball’s colours that feature in our standard ranges, this month we are looking at a combination of colours which would be ideal for solid oak kitchens, especially oak kitchen doors and drawer fronts.

The combination of creamy White Tie, the soft blue-green Mizzle and warm tones of Smoked Trout complement each other beautifully, and are fitting shades to choose for reflecting natural light. Consider them alongside one of our light wooden kitchen worktops to create an airy kitchen that looks beautiful at any time of year.

From our standard ‘Pastels’ collection, we have White Tie and Mizzle. White Tie is one of more than 15 shades of white in Farrow & Ball’s collection, but has creamier tones than some, sitting comfortably between New White and All White. It’s one of the shades that has proved most popular with our customers, and is a perfect colour for our oak kitchen frontals.

Mizzle was our first Colour of the Month in 2014, and features minty undertones of green, blue and grey that – according to Farrow & Ball – is reminiscent of “a west country evening mist”. In cold morning light, Mizzle takes on more blue tones, whilst in warmer evening light, it looks considerably more like an olive green.

Finally Smoked Trout – one of our bespoke colour options – echoes the mushroom pink tones of its namesake. It’s a lighter version of Farrow & Ball’s Dead Salmon, which looks considerably redder in all but very white light. Expect Smoked Trout to look grey in bright lighting, and take on deeper pink hues in areas with warm lighting.

White Tie by Farrow & BallMizzle by Farrow & BallSmoked Trout by Farrow & Ball

To see samples of these colours yourself, why not order one of our miniature painted cabinet door kitchen samples? They are perfect replicas of our full-size kitchen cabinet frontals, and can be hand-finished in any Farrow & Ball shade you desire – whether from our existing range, or a bespoke colour of your own choice. Otherwise, visit one of our kitchen showrooms to see a variety of painted kitchens, our full range of our painted cabinet door samples, or to discuss available options further with our friendly advisers.


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