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Colours of the Month: Summer Shades for Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by admin on August 3, 2016 at 9:30 am. Filed under: General

August has arrived and – if recent sunny spells are anything to go by – summer is officially here! If you are purchasing solid oak kitchen cabinets this month, the warm weather may have inspired you to opt for frontals painted in shades of a similar ilk: light and fresh. If this is the case, we invite you to abandon your ice lollies and sunglasses for five minutes, and take a look at this splendid palette of shades for summer:

Oval Room Blue is a magnificent mid-blue hue that looks excellent paired with oak worktops in solid wood kitchens.
Slipper Satin by Farrow & Ball is a stunning choice for woodwork, accents and easy-going backdrops in solid oak kitchens.
Farrow & Ball's Mizzle is a versatile shade of green that is free from cold blue pigments.

These beautiful paint colours from Farrow & Ball look excellent when featured alongside one another or when used individually. The first of our magnificent ‘Colours of the Month’ for August is Oval Room Blue. This colour has lots of depth and falls somewhere between a mid-blue and mysterious sea green. Oval Room Blue is at its best when paired with bright whites such as All White, or softer variations like Slipper Satin. When used on our oak cabinet frontals, this shade is ideally paired with solid oak worktops.

Inspired by the delicate fabric used to make traditional ballet pumps, Farrow & Ball’s Slipper Satin is the prettiest of off-whites. This versatile shade can be teamed with a wide range of bright colours, softening their appearance and creating a look that is immensely elegant. If you would prefer to use Slipper Satin as the principal colour in your oak kitchen, partner it with dark worktops such as Black American walnut or wenge for an eye-catching, high-contrast effect.

Our third and final ‘Colour of the Month’ is Mizzle. This is one of our most popular paint finishes for cabinet frontals – and it’s not a surprise! Mizzle is a pale green shade that is perfect for woodwork, and – unlike other similar shades – it is free from cold blue tones, creating an appealing and inviting feel. A beautifully modest hue, Mizzle is a stunning complement to Oval Room Blue, which gives it a pared back look. Alternatively, to use this shade as an accent colour, pair it with Slipper Satin: Mizzle’s green tones will be invigorated by Slipper Satin’s pale pink hues, producing a real pop of colour. This adaptable shade looks fantastic alongside a wide variety of timber worktops, from delicately pale ash to charming Deluxe Walnut.

If you are feeling inspired and would like to order a solid oak cabinet frontal sample in any of these shades – or any other colour from Farrow & Ball – please feel free to contact us to place your order. These miniature replica cabinet doors are just £20 and the cost can be deducted from a future order.

If you already own a kitchen painted in one of our beautiful ‘Colours of the Month’, we would love you to share some photographs with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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