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Contemporary Kitchen Mood Board

Posted by admin on December 19, 2018 at 4:21 pm. Filed under: General
This contemporary kitchen mood board features Inky colours, whites, reflective metals and geometric patterns.

Credit : Farrow & Ball, smeg, i.pinimg, Tesco, world of wallpaper, design gallerist.

Inky colours combine with white and reflective metals to create an atmospheric, sophisticated and elegant kitchen. This contemporary kitchen mood board has been designed to inspire you as you create your new contemporary kitchen.


This mood board features several dark colours which inject an air of sophistication. These deep shades vary from Stiffkey Blue to Pitch Black, both by Farrow & Ball, and can be used on Shaker cabinet doors to introduce a contemporary elegance to your kitchen. The dark colours are also used on the wall clock and stylish fridge-freezer by Smeg. The beautiful matt finishes on both are ideally suited to a modern kitchen.

Brass, copper and steel have been introduced to complement the darkness and can be found on the clock, fridge freezer, handles, light fixture and wallpaper. To contrast against the dark colours, a lighter surface – like our white sparkle Andromeda worktop – is ideal and will also bring balance to the deeper hues used. The flecks of reflective metals in this work surface mirror the metals in the light, fridge and clock, adding continuity to the kitchen. We have included a wallpaper that is predominantly white as this is a great way to ensure the dark cabinets do not overwhelm – this is especially important in a smaller space..


Geometry features heavily in this contemporary kitchen mood board. The wallpaper has an overlapping diamond pattern, which, although reminiscent of 1920s style, fits perfectly into a 21st century design. Clean lines and sharp angles dominate and add a distinctly contemporary feel. Where there are curves, i.e. in the wall clock, the lines have been made purposefully simple. The blocky shape of the fridge-freezer complements the geometric panelling of the Shaker doors whilst the ceiling light, although subtle, offers enough difference to work as a focal point for the room. Fixing bold stainless steel pull handles to the cabinets will continue the geometric design.


An open plan layout would work particularly well with this colour scheme as it would let maximum light into the room. Consider utilising a kitchen island to separate the kitchen from the other living areas and to create a modern feature.

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