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Easy Clean Kitchen Ideas

Posted by admin on April 18, 2019 at 10:34 am. Filed under: General

Are you looking for a way to spend less time cleaning your kitchen? In this blog post, we discuss easy clean kitchen ideas so you can spend more time cooking and entertaining instead.

Easy Clean Worktops

There are several options to consider for an easy to clean countertop and laminate and solid wood are both good choices. Stone worktops can sometimes have indentations which can gather debris, becoming unhygienic. Laminate work surfaces, on the other hand are an extremely low-maintenance option and are not only easy to clean but also highly durable. As long as you maintain the surface with oil, solid wood worktops are quick and easy to clean too.

Easy Clean Splashbacks

Tiles are a good choice for protecting your walls however they require a lot of work as the grout can become dirty. Splashbacks are an ideal solution to this problem. They are functional and also easy to clean because they do not require grout for installation. If you have set your heart on tiles, consider the larger sized ones as they give you less grout surface to clean.

Easy Clean Flooring

It is inevitable that kitchen flooring will become dirty and with that in mind, you will need something that is easy to clean food and spills from. Carpet should be avoided but other materials such as laminate and vinyl are ideal. Our guide to kitchen flooring materials explores some popular materials and focus on their advantages and disadvantages.

Appliance Storage

Keeping appliances such as blenders, toasters and coffee machines out on the worksurfaces definitely makes it quicker to use them, however, they also gather dust, grime and oil quicker. Our top five kitchen organisation ideas has some amazing organisation inspiration for you to consider. The trick is to store them somewhere you can quickly get to them when you need them. One of the advantages of this is because your worktops are free of clutter you can clean them quickly and your kitchen will tidier when not in use.

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