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Fascinating Kitchen Facts: The Most Unbelievable Kitchens

Posted by admin on February 26, 2019 at 2:48 pm. Filed under: General

Here at Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, we offer beautifully bespoke kitchens and although each one is different, they are not quite as unique as these unbelievable cooking spaces. From the world’s largest kitchen to the fastest – have a read of these fascinating kitchen facts.

The Largest Kitchen

The largest kitchen in the world is found in the Jagannath temple, India. It serves 5,000 to 10,000 people per day and so needs to be big. It measures 45.7m long (150 feet) by 30.4m wide (100 feet) and in total there are 32 rooms, containing 250 hearths. Around 1000 chefs (suaras) and assistants work in the kitchen at a time.

The Busiest Kitchen

If you thought that serving 5,000 to 10,000 people per day was a lot, think again. The Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar, also in India, serves on average almost 100,000 people per day – and the food is 100% free. 200,000 rotis are cooked using a conveyor belt and mechanised oven, but incredibly they are all made by hand by volunteers. Each meal time they get through on average, 1,500kg of rice, 13,000kg of lentils and 2,000kg of vegetables.

The Most Expensive Kitchen on the Planet

The most expensive kitchen in the world costs an eye-watering £1,000,000. It was designed by Claudio Celiberti, took more than twelve months to create and includes cabinets made from Murano Crystal. The kitchen island alone cost £36,850 to make.

The Most Remote Kitchen on the Planet

This award goes to the Amundsen–Scott Scientific Research Station. Located on the South Pole it is also the most southernly kitchen on the planet. With temperatures dropping to −73 °C the inhabitants, which at its peak can reach 200, require plenty to eat so this kitchen needs to be prepared to cook high calorie meals for large numbers of people.

The Most Remote and the Highest, Fastest, Hottest, Coldest and, the Most Expensive

Believe it or not, the International Space Station actually has a cooking space on board and at 408km (253.5 miles) above the surface of the earth it is the highest kitchen “in the world”. Traveling 7.66 km/s (5 miles per second) it is also the fastest and with temperatures fluctuating from 121°C to -157°C, it is both the hottest and coldest too. The International Space Station cost 150 billion USD to build, so technically it’s the most expensive kitchen as well. Unsurprisingly, cooking can be tricky, so astronauts actually use duct tape to stick cooking accessories to work surfaces.

Which of these kitchen facts was most surprising and which of the kitchens would you love to cook in? Let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on kitchens, trends, offers and more.


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