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Have You Considered a Greige Kitchen?

Posted by admin on May 18, 2018 at 10:20 am. Filed under: General

Whether you are updating your existing kitchen or are planning a complete redesign, there are a number of different considerations to make when choosing the colour for your new look. Those wanting a neutral shade that offers warmth whilst remaining on trend may wish to consider a greige kitchen. Greige is a blend between grey and beige – offering a warm neutral that can be used to create a contemporary look whilst remaining timeless. Should you choose this colour for your home?

Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath is a fantastic shade to consider if you are looking for the perfect greige to use in your kitchen. If you would like a subtler hue, Skimming Stone provides a good, pale greige option, whilst those wanting a statement shade may find that Dove Tale (which is a darker version of Elephant’s Breath) or Charleston Grey are ideal for a bolder look. Greige is less clinical than white can be and takes the effort out of creating a warm, welcoming look.

Another benefit of this colour is that it works with almost every conceivable colour scheme. A greige kitchen could be traditional, contemporary (as shown in this kitchen), rustic, industrial or a blend of different styles, depending on what you choose to pair it with. For example, our oak worktops will better suit a kitchen that is more classically styled, whilst our marble laminate worktops would work well in a contemporary greige kitchen. The versatility of this shade ensures it works well in a variety of different styles. As a neutral shade, greige provides a fantastic backdrop for more colourful accessories and accents too.

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