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How to Maximise Your Storage with a G-Shaped Kitchen

Posted by admin on August 3, 2018 at 12:04 pm. Filed under: General

Storage is an essential part of any kitchen, and whilst some people do not have a space problem, those that do can find themselves feeling infuriated. A G-shaped kitchen is the answer to this age-old kitchen issue and although it is by no means a new design, it is often overlooked for the more conventional galley or U-shaped kitchen layouts. Essentially, a G-shaped kitchen is a U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula added to one end. The result – an enclosed space with plenty of storage.

The peninsula, angled into the kitchen, forms the basis of a G-shaped design – considerably increasing work surface area and adding the option for seating. Underneath the worktop, a peninsula adds plenty of space for drawers,cabinets, or both. When deciding what to store in these cupboards and drawers, consider the appliances that are close by and how you use your kitchen on the whole. For example, if your peninsula is near a hob or oven, you could store pots, pans, and plates. If it is close to a dishwasher or washing machine, it might be better to store dishwasher tablets or detergents.

In this kitchen, a waist height, built in oven has been fitted between the base and wall cabinets. In any other kitchen, this would be a problem because it sacrifices worktop space. However, in a G-shaped kitchen, the addition of a peninsula means that the loss of space is not such an issue. Besides, this clever feature also gives you two additional cabinets, which for someone who requires storage over worktops space is a more important factor.

Optimising your base cabinets in a G-shaped kitchen is arguably easier when compared to other designs because it utilises all of the walls as well as a peninsula. At eye level you can, of course, add wall cabinets, but for an on-trend option, solid wood kitchen shelves are a great choice. They create a focal point and a feature, plus they are ideal for displaying your more intriguing items as well as your best crockery – freeing up space in your cabinets for the mundane kitchen equipment. Alternatively, cabinets with glazed doors are also great for creating displays.

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