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June’s Kitchen Gadget of the Month

Posted by admin on June 4, 2014 at 3:09 pm. Filed under: General
Kitchen Gadget of the Month - the Awox StriimLIGHT mini

Last month’s specially chosen kitchen gadget appealed to the culinary creative amongst you, but this month we’re getting down with a gadget that promises to deliver music as well as eco-friendly lighting from a single screw-fit light socket.

The AwoX StriimLIGHT is described as a Bluetooth / Wifi enabled musical light, which allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device – be it smartphone, tablet or computer. You’ll never need to have an unattractive music system on show again; instead, just hide this light behind the protection of a lamp shade.

There’s two versions of the light, one with Bluetooth connectivity to suit those who keep their music collection on their phone or tablet, and another (more expensive) model that instead has Wi-Fi built-in to enable connection from any Wi-Fi connected device.

You might be wondering what exactly a speaker / light gadget combo is doing in a kitchen blog, but we’re pretty convinced that hidden music systems are something every kitchen needs. You won’t risk spilling something upon a worktop radio or music dock; it’s almost completely hidden and unobtrusive (using your smartphone as a remote), and you have the freedom to install more than one throughout the house to create different ‘zones’ of music.

There are three versions available in the UK: the Awox StriimLIGHT mini, a Bluetooth variant for mini screw-fittings at £48.99; the standard-sized Bluetooth StriimLIGHT for £63.98; and the StriimLIGHT Wi-Fi for £121.99. We know what to put on our Christmas list now (it’s not too early for that, is it?)

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