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Love Your Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets on Valentine’s Day!

Posted by admin on February 13, 2014 at 4:47 pm. Filed under: General
Love Kitchen Cabinets

February 14th is but a day away, and though we know all our Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets readers will be preparing to take care of their loved ones, we thought it was a good idea to remind you to give your cabinets a little bit of attention, too!

Here are some top ‘tender loving care’ tips for your cabinets:

Beautiful insides as well as outsides

It’s easy to forget the interiors of your solid oak kitchen cabinets when the outsides are so beautiful, but we recommend giving these a little pick-me-up at least once a year. Remove the contents of your cupboards and inspect the insides and shelves, stripping off old lining paper if necessary. Vacuum the insides gently.

Spring clean

Fill a basin with warm water and a little bit of soap (‘kind to hands’ or ‘sensitive’ varieties are best as these are more PH ‘neutral’ than standard options) and wipe the insides of your cabinets and both sides of the shelves thoroughly. Use a small toothbrush for the corners and scrub gently. Dry the wood immediately using a tea towel.

Pay attention to the nuts and bolts

Give your shelf brackets a checking over every once in a while. Look for any loosening/broken support holes and tighten any loose brackets.

Spruce up the doors

With warm water and a little bit of soap – as above – clean the outside of your oak unit doors thoroughly and use a small toothbrush to reach any mouldings or grooves. If your frontals are painted, a quick touch up will do wonders to restore its lustre. Keep a small pot of paint in your house and add this to your cabinet ‘kit’ – it will come in handy.

The good news about investing in a solid oak cabinet is that these are built to last; and best of all, they retain their stunning appearance, meaning that you can enjoy them for years to come. Only a small amount of maintenance is necessary for your cabinets to remain in optimum condition. If you’d like to witness the beauty of our cabinets yourself, please do not hesitate to take advantage of our affordable sample service or visit our showroom.


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