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Scandinavian Kitchen Mood Board

Posted by admin on March 12, 2019 at 11:05 am. Filed under: General

Our solid wood kitchens are ideal for creating a simple, pared-back look influenced by Scandinavian design. This Scandinavian kitchen mood board takes inspiration from Nordic design and landscape to offer ideas for your solid wood kitchen. Would you consider any of these features?


This Scandinavian kitchen mood board features a pale neutral colour scheme for an effortlessly contemporary style. To avoid a stark contrasting with the ash worktops, the cabinet doors have been painted white – which also matches the walls and the floor. The result is a light and airy room. Light wood and pastel shades used on the lighting adds colour to the largely monochrome colour scheme and is in-keeping with the simplistic design.

We recommend a lighter coloured worktop – in this case, solid ash. It is a good alternative to timbers such as oak or maple and features a soft golden grain. Likewise, the handles are also made from a light toned timber.


A simplistic design is essential for any Scandinavian kitchen, and the ones featured in this mood board are prime examples of how effective this can be. Nature is also important to this style and we can see the use of plants as well as natural materials including wood. Clean lines, like those found in the lamps, help to keep the overall design modest whilst the use of natural light helps the kitchens feel more open and welcoming.

Which parts of this Scandinavian kitchen mood board would you feature in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for even more great inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.


Solid Wood Kitchenette Ideas

Posted by admin on March 7, 2019 at 10:58 am. Filed under: General

Kitchenettes are small kitchens or a part of a room that has kitchen features such as worktops, cabinets, sinks or fridges. We share these solid wood kitchenette ideas to inspire you in your own home – whether you want to transform a spare room, hallway or basement.

Contemporary Kitchenette

This green kitchenette has everything you need to cook a meal, including a fridge, water supply and a microwave. The Shaker doors and fresh white worktop gives it a contemporary feel – made all the more stylish by the use of the stainless steel fridge door and brass coloured taps and handles.

This green Shaker style kitchenette features a sink, microwave, fridge, cabinets and open shelving.

Credit: Realivin

Pure White Kitchenette

For its size, this modest white kitchenette has a surprising amount of storage space. With three glazed wall cabinets and two drawers and base cabinets, this kitchenette even has a drinks fridge.

This elegant kitchenette has a total of five cabinets and a drinks fridge.

Credit: Sebring Design Build

Mixed Materials

This example features ample storage. With a plug socket for an appliance, such as a microwave or kettle, and a sink with a stainless steel cover, this is a great example of a fully functional kitchenette. The floating shelves, which draw the eye, also provide additional storage and make the most out of every available space.

This kitchenette has everything you could need for a fully functional kitchen, including a power supply for appliances.

Credit: Thrifty Décor Chick

Classic Colours

This well-balanced kitchenette has been painted in a colour similar to Farrow & Ball’s popular Lulworth Blue. Two of the four cabinets are glazed and are arranged in a pleasingly symmetrical design. The high gloss black worktop is a nice contemporary touch in an otherwise traditional style.

This kitchenette has a classic colour combination and a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary style.

Credit: Home Talk

Small Kitchenette Bar

With the majority of storage space taken up by a drinks fridge, this tiny kitchenette doubles up as a bar. Although this minimalist design features just one cabinet and a couple of shelves, it clearly fits the brief for the job.

Compact and efficient, this kitchenette doubles up as a personal bar.

Credit: Brooklyn Limestone

Bright and Modern

The first feature that catches your eye in this modern kitchenette is the full height mirror. The advantage of this is that light is reflected back resulting in a bright and airy space. Solid wood is the material of choice for the worktop and when combined with the Shaker doors, gives it a timeless appeal.

With the full height mirror, this modern kitchenette is bright and airy.

Credit: Architectural Digest

Which of these kitchenette ideas would you consider for your home? Let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for even more inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on kitchens, trends, offers and more.


These Kitchen Discount Codes Save You up to £1,000

Posted by admin on March 5, 2019 at 12:23 pm. Filed under: General

As spring approaches so does the prospect of change, with many of us transforming our homes. These kitchen discount codes are ideal for those who are planning just that and help bring the dream of owning a beautiful solid wood kitchen a little bit closer. Throughout March, this offer will run across our entire product range enabling you to save up to £1,000 on everything* from cabinets to solid wood worktops. Use the codes below when you shop to claim your saving!

SAVE150 saves you £150 when you spend £1,500

SAVE500 saves you £500 when you spend £3,000

SAVE1K saves you £1,000 when you spend £5,000

This offer ends at 23:59 on Sunday 31st March 2019, so do not miss out and order your new solid wood kitchen today.

To see what you could achieve, let us take a look at some inspiration from our customers.

Steph’s Farmhouse Kitchen

This solid wood kitchen has been designed in a traditional farmhouse style. There are many great features including a full height bookcase, open cabinets, wine rack and an oak kitchen island complete with traditional bar stools.

Peter and Bronny’s Classic Kitchen

This kitchen has been designed to stand the test of time. With a large hearth and a range cooker, this kitchen has a traditional feel – several subtle modern features, such as the stainless steel sink and spotlights, keep it from looking old fashioned.

Melissa’s Contemporary Kitchen

With fresh, neutral colours, this contemporary kitchen is ideal for entertaining. The sink and tap are made from shiny stainless-steel – an ideal choice for this style of kitchen. A large island, with plenty of worktop and storage space, takes centre stage and the Shaker doors have been finished off beautifully with chrome knobs and handles.

There you have it – three great ideas to inspire you throughout our March sale. Why not follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for even more inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.

* Not available in conjunction with any other offer. The cost of delivery is not included in the minimum spend required.


Why Visit Our Kitchen Showrooms, Gloucester?

Posted by admin on February 28, 2019 at 12:52 pm. Filed under: General

As Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets continues to expand, we have opened many showrooms up and down the country. Of all our kitchen showrooms, Gloucester is perfectly situated for anyone who lives in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. Continue reading to discover the benefits of visiting.

I Have No Idea Where to Start

If you are in the initial stages of planning a kitchen and need some ideas or inspiration, a kitchen showroom is the perfect place. We have several display kitchens to look around, each with different cabinet door and worktop styles. Our kitchen experts are always on hand and will be happy to advise about any of our products or arrange samples for you to take home.

At this stage, you will want to take your time so feel free to browse, take notes and speak to our staff. Here is an example of a kitchen from a customer who did just that.

I Know What I Want, I Just Need Help Finalising Some Things

Perhaps you are in the final stages of planning your kitchen and have a few decisions left to make. For example, you might want a second opinion when choosing the colour for your Shaker or Traditional cabinet frontals or some advice to help you decide whether to have solid wood or laminate worktops. At our Gloucester showroom, our mix and match display stand allows you to try different combinations together to help you make up your mind.

I Am Ready to Buy My Kitchen

You can order online or over the phone on 0345 22 22 990 but if you would prefer you can visit the showroom to place your order in person. To guarantee one of our showroom advisors is available, we recommend booking an appointment before you visit. That is just what these customers did and they received these beautiful kitchens within 15 working days.

We look forward to seeing you in our kitchen showroom in Gloucester or elsewhere, but until then follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on kitchens, trends, offers and more.


Fascinating Kitchen Facts: The Most Unbelievable Kitchens

Posted by admin on February 26, 2019 at 2:48 pm. Filed under: General

Here at Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, we offer beautifully bespoke kitchens and although each one is different, they are not quite as unique as these unbelievable cooking spaces. From the world’s largest kitchen to the fastest – have a read of these fascinating kitchen facts.

The Largest Kitchen

The largest kitchen in the world is found in the Jagannath temple, India. It serves 5,000 to 10,000 people per day and so needs to be big. It measures 45.7m long (150 feet) by 30.4m wide (100 feet) and in total there are 32 rooms, containing 250 hearths. Around 1000 chefs (suaras) and assistants work in the kitchen at a time.

The Busiest Kitchen

If you thought that serving 5,000 to 10,000 people per day was a lot, think again. The Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar, also in India, serves on average almost 100,000 people per day – and the food is 100% free. 200,000 rotis are cooked using a conveyor belt and mechanised oven, but incredibly they are all made by hand by volunteers. Each meal time they get through on average, 1,500kg of rice, 13,000kg of lentils and 2,000kg of vegetables.

The Most Expensive Kitchen on the Planet

The most expensive kitchen in the world costs an eye-watering £1,000,000. It was designed by Claudio Celiberti, took more than twelve months to create and includes cabinets made from Murano Crystal. The kitchen island alone cost £36,850 to make.

The Most Remote Kitchen on the Planet

This award goes to the Amundsen–Scott Scientific Research Station. Located on the South Pole it is also the most southernly kitchen on the planet. With temperatures dropping to −73 °C the inhabitants, which at its peak can reach 200, require plenty to eat so this kitchen needs to be prepared to cook high calorie meals for large numbers of people.

The Most Remote and the Highest, Fastest, Hottest, Coldest and, the Most Expensive

Believe it or not, the International Space Station actually has a cooking space on board and at 408km (253.5 miles) above the surface of the earth it is the highest kitchen “in the world”. Traveling 7.66 km/s (5 miles per second) it is also the fastest and with temperatures fluctuating from 121°C to -157°C, it is both the hottest and coldest too. The International Space Station cost 150 billion USD to build, so technically it’s the most expensive kitchen as well. Unsurprisingly, cooking can be tricky, so astronauts actually use duct tape to stick cooking accessories to work surfaces.

Which of these kitchen facts was most surprising and which of the kitchens would you love to cook in? Let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on kitchens, trends, offers and more.


Farmhouse Kitchen Mood Board

Posted by admin on February 21, 2019 at 10:28 am. Filed under: General

Looking particularly good in a traditional style kitchen, our solid wood products work perfectly in a farmhouse setting. This farmhouse kitchen mood board takes inspiration from a customer of Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets. Which aspects would you consider?


This farmhouse kitchen features a simple yet effective contemporary monochrome colour scheme. Cabinet doors have been painted in Farrow & Balls All White to contrast with the black of certain aspects of the kitchen such as the wood burning stove and the fridge freezer. To add a splash of colour, a burgundy range cooker has been included. The rich colour creates an eye-catching focal point, accentuating the style of the kitchen.

Oak is the wood of choice here with its warming honey hue lifting the monochromatic colour palette of the rest of the kitchen – without overpowering or taking attention away from the design. All White has also been used on the end panels and drawers of the island, resulting in cohesion that links the whole kitchen together.


Range cookers are a popular choice in any farmhouse kitchen, and this one blends style and functionality to take centre stage. Another feature that typifies a more traditional kitchen is a butler or Belfast sink. Here, mixer taps, which complement the style of the sink, have been added to match the knobs and pewter Lamont cup handles on the Traditional doors and drawers. The metal is buff so does not contrast too strongly with the other materials and so the traditional feel of the kitchen is retained.

Open cabinets are a fantastic way to display books and other kitchen items. Perfectly showcasing the natural beauty of solid wood, they work in harmony with the oak worktops to complement each other. Oak also features in the wine rack and to add a symmetry, a wine fridge has been fitted on the opposite side of the drawers.

Which parts of this farmhouse kitchen mood board do you particularly like? Let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for even more great inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.


The Best Recipe Subscription Boxes

Posted by admin on February 19, 2019 at 11:09 am. Filed under: General

Sometimes coming up with new, exciting and delicious meal ideas can be tricky. Recipe subscription boxes are one solution that makes this decision easier and also takes the stress out of shopping too. Measured out, packaged and delivered straight to your door, cooking has never been so hassle-free – allowing you to enjoy your kitchen to its full potential. In this blog post, we give you the best recipe boxes available to subscribe to today.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole have been around since 1988, now delivering quality organic ingredients and produce across the country. They provide healthy, vibrant and delicious meals recipe boxes, meal kits and juicing and smoothie boxes. With loads of vegetable-focused choices and plenty of free recipe inspiration on their website too, you will never be stuck for dinnertime ideas again.


Gousto are all about easy to follow recipes that use fresh ingredients to create many different styles of meals – from classics to fine dining. Containing the precise amount to cook 4 meals for between 2 and 4 people, Gousto provides 30 different recipes each week to choose from.

Hello Fresh

With a huge variety of delicious and easy to follow weekly recipes, Hello Fresh delivers high quality, fresh and pre-measured ingredients for convenient and exciting meals. Each week you can select from 18 recipes from a variety of British and world cuisines – vegetarian options are available too.

Mindful Chef

With 16 different recipes to choose from every week, the recipe subscription boxes from Mindful Chef contain a selection of meat, fish and vegan meals. Their innovative use of fresh vegetables and a reduced amount of sugar and refined carbs has resulted in them becoming the Official Nutrition Partner to the English Institute of Sport.


Although not strictly a subscription box service, Riverford have a wide range of constantly changing recipes to choose from. Whether you are a keen meat eater or a passionate vegan, there is a recipe box for everyone. One of the nice things about Riverford is that their fruit and veg boxes contain 82% less plastic than major UK supermarkets.

Have you tried any recipe subscription boxes or are you tempted by these suggestions? Let us know which in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on kitchens, trends, offers and more.


Valentine’s Day Kitchen Inspiration

Posted by admin on February 14, 2019 at 10:25 am. Filed under: General

As today is the 14th of February, we thought we would explore some romantic ideas for your cooking space. In this blog post, we offer you some Valentine’s Day kitchen inspiration that you can utilise in a number of creative ways – from redecorating to gift ideas.

Five Farrow & Ball Pinks

Farrow & Ball shades of pink. Left to right: Middleton Pink, Pink Ground, Nancy’s Blushes Cinder Rose, Rangwali

From the wildly romantic rose pink of Cinder Rose to the delicate neutral shade of Middleton Pink, Farrow & Ball have a hue to suit everyone. Here we have selected a few of our favourites from the pretty to the exotic. Of course, you do not have to paint your walls or even your cabinets, instead you could apply them in moderation to add a splash of colour to your chairs, shelves and other kitchen accessories.

Pink Kitchens

If you are looking to update your kitchen to create a romantic, exotic or playful atmosphere, take a look at these kitchens for ideas.

Grey shades of pink are a stylish alternative to white and grey.

Credit : These Four Walls

This kitchen cabinet idea helps you to see how greyer hues of pink work as an alternative to white and grey. The Shaker doors feature just such a shade.

Dappled pink kitchen walls offer a striking effect, especially when set against white tiles.

Credit : Honestly wtf

The dappled pink of this kitchen wall gives a wonderful texture. When paired with the white tiles and gold coloured pole for hanging kitchen utensils, the result is striking.

Combining Shaker doors, contemporary materials and bold colour combinations, this kitchen demonstrates how versatile pink can be. Here it is paired with black and teal – the result is dramatic and eye-catching.

Valentine’s Day Kitchen Gift Ideas

If your loved one is a keen cook and you are stuck for some practical gift ideas, take a look at these.

These pretty pastel pink coloured Le Creuset cooking pots are a stylish kitchen accessory.

Credit : Feast Home

These Le Creuset cooking pots are a pretty pastel pink colour and are a beautiful alternative to their classic orange version. From large stews to individual servings, this set is the perfect gift for the chef in your life – professional or otherwise.

Ideal for making all types of bakes, this pale pink KitchenAid mixer makes the perfect gift.

Credit : Pinterest

Does your partner love to bake? Then this pale pink KitchenAid mixer will make the perfect Valentine’s day gift for them. From cakes to meringues, it can mix them all and look great doing it.

Another gift idea for the baker in your life, these vintage inspired rolling pins with painted handles are available in a variety of pretty pastel colours and are the perfect accessory to complement a solid oak kitchen.

What do you think of these Valentine’s Day kitchen ideas? Let us know which you would want in your home in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on kitchens, trends, offers and more.


Beautiful dining table ideas for solid wood kitchen diners

Posted by admin on February 12, 2019 at 10:49 am. Filed under: General

Are you trying to find a seating area that will suit your lifestyle and kitchen? These five beautiful dining table ideas for solid wood kitchen diners are here to offer inspiration for your own space. Whether you are looking for a large table for big family meals or a small space for a quick snack, this blog post has something for everyone.

Suitable for contemporary and traditional kitchen, this dining table matches the Shaker doors.

Credit : Farrow & Ball

This dining table features chairs and table legs that match the colour of the cabinets. Comfortably seating six, it is perfect for the average sized family. With its straight edges, this dining set perfectly complements the Shaker doors. It is versatile enough to work well in both contemporary and traditional kitchen settings.

A pale coloured dining table to complement a light and airy kitchen.

Credit : Home to Z

Here is another example of a dining table that can comfortably seat six. The legs have a beautiful curved design that gives it a more traditional feel and yet it would not look out of place in a contemporary kitchen. With pale colours, this table adds to the light and airy feel of the rest of the kitchen.

This kitchen island doubles up as a dining table for two.

Credit : Greenbank Interior

Technically a kitchen island, this dining space is ideal for couples. Although there is already a dining table in this kitchen, this island makes a great alternative if you want a quick snack. Fitted with a solid oak worktop it perfectly matches the countertops of the rest of the kitchen, adding to the overall design.

This reclaimed rustic wooden dining table and bench is perfect for large families or for entertaining.

Credit : Rock My Style

Although contemporary in style, this kitchen, with its metro tiles and Shaker doors, benefits from this reclaimed rustic wooden dining table and benches. Many of the features in this kitchen, including the lighting, clock and stools, are also traditional and help to tie everything together to create one cohesive design.

Dining Table Ideas Using Worktops

These next examples have actually been made from worktops. They vary in size from 10 to four-seaters and show just how versatile solid wood worktops can be.

For Entertaining

Here, a worktop has been used to create a large dining table for a restaurant.

Although this example is in a restaurant, it is a good demonstration of how you can use a worktop to create a large dining table for big families or for entertaining.

For Families

This taller dining table is perfect for families of four.

This simplistic dining table is ideal for families of four. It is higher than the average table but uses stools. This gives it a contemporary feel.

For Traditional Kitchens

This dining table literally fits well into a traditional kitchen.

This worktop has been finished to give it a scalloped edge and then integrated into the kitchen to save space and to add interest.

For Contemporary Kitchens

Dark wood and a simplistic design gives this integrated dining table a contemporary feel.

Here is another dining table that has been added on to the kitchen, this time in a contemporary style.

What do you think of these dining table ideas for solid wood kitchen diners? Let us know which you prefer in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on kitchens, trends, offers and more.


11 Kitchen Guides to Read Before Installation

Posted by admin on February 7, 2019 at 12:47 pm. Filed under: General

Are you planning on installing your kitchen yourself? Do not do anything until you have read these 11 kitchen guides. From installing a worktop to fitting a Belfast sink here is everything you need to know.

How to Fit a Kitchen: Solid Wood Base Cabinets

Our solid oak kitchen cabinets arrive fully assembled, saving time, effort and stress when fitting your solid oak kitchen. If you opt to have your kitchen delivered flat-packed, it has been constructed to be easy to install even if you do not have any experience. By following these 5 simple steps you can perfectly fit your new base cabinets.

How to Fit a Worktop on Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

We have a wide selection of beautifully crafted worktops to choose from including solid wood and laminate countertops. This guide also explores installation of other types of work surface too, so even if you are planning on having a stone countertop, it will be useful throughout the fitting process.

How to Fit a Kitchen: Solid Wood Wall Cabinets

Fitting wall cabinets may seem like a daunting task, but our guide has just five simple steps to follow that makes fixing yours in place easy. Once you have your wall and base cabinets in place, you will be able to add worktops, handles and all the finishing touches – keep reading for more.

How to Choose and Install Cabinet Doors

What is the difference between our Shaker and Traditional cabinet doors? Find out in this guide and then learn how to fit them to your cabinets and drawers.

How to Choose and Install Handles and Knobs in Oak Kitchens

Your doors are going to need handles. Fortunately, we have a great selection of bow, bar, D and cup handles, as well as wooden and metal knobs. This guide explores the available options and offers valuable information on installation.

Installing Cabinet End Panels in Solid Oak Kitchens

Whether you are planning on attaching end panels to the end of a cabinet or to cover an appliance, you will not find a more detailed guide on how to do so anywhere on the internet.

How to Install Pilasters and Corner Posts in Solid Wood Kitchens

Pilasters and corner posts help to add beautiful details to your kitchen and installation could not be simpler. Learn how in this guide.

How to Pick and Install Cornices and Pelmets in Solid Wood Kitchens

Cornices and pelmets help to complete the look in any kitchen. Our selection includes Traditional and Shaker designs in straight and curved styles. Find out which is more suited to your kitchen and how to install them here.

How to Choose and Install Solid Wood Upstands and Plinths

This useful kitchen guide has plenty of information regarding upstands and plinths – two features that obscure worktop expansion gaps and kitchen unit legs. Discover why they are perfect for finishing a kitchen off in style.

How to Choose and Install Splashbacks in Solid Wood Kitchens

Why choose splashbacks for your kitchen? They protect your walls from splashes and stains as well as adding colour and interest. Learn about the different styles we offer and how easy it is to fit them.

How to Install Belfast Sinks in Oak Kitchens

Every kitchen needs a sink and none are more beautiful or practical than a ceramic Belfast sink. Find out all you need to know about installing them in this concise guide.

These are all of the guides you will ever need when installing a kitchen. Which has been most useful to you? Leave your comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook,Twitter or Pinterest for even more great information or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.


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