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September’s Top 5: Five Reasons Why Oak Cabinets Are The Right Choice

Posted by admin on October 4, 2013 at 10:15 am. Filed under: Products
Solid Oak Base Cabinet

If you are debating whether or not to invest in some new kitchen cabinets, here are five reasons why solid wood is the best and most suitable material to choose from.

Customise your cabinets.

Our products can be suitable for any requirements: we have a number of cabinets available, including specialist base cabinets such as wine racks and Belfast sink cabinets. Furthermore, if you would like solid oak frontals for your cabinets too, we have a number of finishes available – keep your kitchen traditional with lacquered doors or bring some colour to your kitchen by having them delicately hand painted to match the room décor.


Extremely strong and durable, oak is able to withstand many typical kitchen conditions that other materials may not. From being exposed to steam from cooking, to changes in humidity and temperature, oak cabinets can hold for long periods of time – they are a lifelong investment.

Easy to maintain.

Our cabinets become virtually stain resistant once they have been lacquered, so little maintenance is required after installation. A soft cloth and small amount of warm, soapy water is all that is needed to clean and keep them in excellent condition – simple and easy.

An appealing material to use.

Still prominent through painted frontals, oak’s grain pattern is beautiful and its natural qualities cannot be recreated in any other way. Whilst most materials deteriorate with age, this timber will mature and develop over time, adding character and warmth into your kitchen.

A great investment.

Our solid oak cabinets are competitively priced so make an excellent investment. They come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty and we are confident you will be impressed with the quality of the material. Sourced from forests and companies with established replanting schemes, we have a strict environmental policy to ensure sustainable development continues for years to come.

So there are just a few great things about solid oak kitchen cabinets. For further information regarding our range of products available, please do not hesitate to e-mail or phone us – we would be happy to help.


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