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Using Shaker Kitchen Cabinets In A Contemporary Design

Posted by admin on October 23, 2017 at 1:51 pm. Filed under: General

There are a variety of styles to consider for a contemporary kitchen design, with many different colour schemes and layouts to consider. Shaker kitchen cabinets are a popular choice in modern settings thanks to their sleek, minimalistic design that looks fantastic in any number of kitchen designs. We have compiled a list below of colour pallets for up-to-date shaker kitchens in a variety of the latest styles.

These shaker kitchen cabinets show that dark does not equal dingy in this bright shaker kitchen featuring tuxedo cabinets

Credit: Pinterest

Dark Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Darker colours have been an increasingly popular option for shaker cabinets over the last year and this trend looks set to continue into 2018 with deep blues, greens and aubergine shades. Whilst such a dramatic look may seem intimidating, dark cabinets can work to create a number of different effects. By contrast, light shades are often recommended in a smaller kitchen to make the room seem bigger and brighter than it is. Consider the direction your kitchen faces and the lighting you use and a darker palette could be used to create a warm, cosy look that is perfect for the winter months but will continue to be bright and cool – in both senses of the word – throughout the warmer parts of the year. Tuxedo cabinets are a fantastic option for those of us not brave enough to tackle such a striking look.

The leather pull handles in this kitchen are an unusual option for an eye-catching look

Credit: Pinterest

White for a Clean, Contemporary Look

White shaker kitchen cabinets are a stylish companion for marble worktops (or marble-effect laminate) to create a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Using a darker shade on the walls can prevent a kitchen with white cabinets from looking cold or clinical, whilst the estate eggshell Farrow & Ball paint that we use for any of our bespoke kitchen doors provides a more timeless look than a high-gloss finish. Selecting accessories is important when considering a white kitchen – warmth can be added with gold or copper fixtures and fittings. For a slightly bolder look, leather pull handles are a striking and unusual choice that pair fantastically well with the natural wood grain of our cabinets.

The pale blue-grey shade of these shaker kitchen cabinets is highlighted by brighter blue accessories for a contemporary look

Credit: Pinterest

Pastel Kitchen Colours

Often pastel shades are used in kitchens for kitschy retro or shabby chic designs but more muted or neutral pastel hues can work incredibly well for contemporary designs featuring shaker kitchen cabinets. Varying shades of grey have been the go-to shade for interiors for some time now, and still provide a fantastic option for those looking to create an up-to-date feel. Muted blue and green shades are a fantastic option and look particularly good paired with modern subway tiles. Our hardy copper cup handles are a good way to add a warmth to paler pastel shades.

Do you have shaker kitchen cabinets? We would love to see how you have styled yours – feel free to tag us in pictures on Facebook and Instagram!


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