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Solid Oak Kitchens in Elephant’s Breath: June’s Colour of the Month

Posted by admin on June 11, 2014 at 4:33 pm. Filed under: Products
Solid Oak Kitchens in Elephant’s Breath: June’s Colour of the Month

There are some curious names given to several of Farrow & Ball’s paints, such as Cat’s Paw, Dead Salmon and Nancy’s Blushes. None are more iconic than the name given to this delicate shade of grey with lilac undertones: Elephant’s Breath.

Its name is a real conversation-starter that adds that extra layer of intrigue to a colour that might otherwise be passed off as ‘just another’ shade of grey. The name has a long history, however, and was brought into modern use by renowned 20th Century English decorator, John Fowler. Indeed, in her book Elephant’s Breath and London Smoke, Deb Salisbury provides evidence that the name has been since 1874. In 1909 it was described as “a cool purple-grey”, which seems a rather apt description to this day.

‘Elephant’s Breath’ suits a wide range of solid oak kitchens, working very well in modern themes alongside darker purple and blue cabinetry accents, and when combined with dark wooden worktops such as walnut and wenge. It also carries itself alongside other light pastel hues, crisp whites and natural materials, such as earthenware tiling, linen fabrics and stone or brickwork.

Do keep in mind that it can look entirely different under fluorescent lighting to how it does in natural daylight, varying from a peachy brown to the more familiar mauve-tinted grey. If you’re not sure how this shade will look in your kitchen, why not consider ordering one of our painted door kitchen samples? Priced at £20 including delivery, these sample doors a miniature version of the real thing, and allow you to fully appreciate whether the paint is the perfect fit for your kitchen.


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