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Spotlight on Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets for Walls

Posted by admin on May 21, 2014 at 3:29 pm. Filed under: Products
Spotlight on Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

As the average kitchen size has shrunk over the last fifty years, people have had to make better use of the storage space available, and the most popular way of doing this is by utilising empty wall space to mount solid oak kitchen cabinets.

Our wall cabinets – like our other carcasses – are manufactured from the highest quality 18mm solid oak staves. They’re available in three depths (570mm, 450mm & 300mm), widths of up to 1200mm and heights of up to 900mm. So no matter what wall space you have available, there’s some cabinetry to suit.

All the cabinets are constructed from European oak, which is sanded to be beautifully smooth and finished with three coats of lacquer for an incredibly resilient, smooth and even strain resistant surface. Unlike many other retailers, our cabinets are entirely constructed from oak apart from the oak-veneered backpanel, which allows the cabinet to naturally expand and contract with changes in temperature. The cabinets in our range come with a single oak shelf, but further shelves are available to order should you require.

Unlike our standard base cabinets, wall cabinets are also available with our novel bi-folding wood kitchen doors, which open upwards, meaning they are particularly good at giving full access to a wall-mounted cabinet without taking up too much room. The Blum™ BLUMOTION™ soft close hinges enact a wonderfully-smooth action to avoid cupboard doors slamming closed.

Want to find out more about our wall cabinets? Take a visit to our Gloucester showroom to see our wall-mounted cabinets in a variety of different kitchen situations, or order one of our oak cabinet samples to get a true idea of our cabinet’s high-quality construction. The samples are only £5 including delivery and will be refunded to you if you go on to order from us.


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