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Posted by admin on April 12, 2013 at 8:55 am. Filed under: Products

As an internet company, we appreciate how important it is for our customers to research all potential purchases thoroughly before committing to buy – it’s the only sensible way!

In fact, it’s something we encourage, which is why we have a full sample service in place for our customers to enjoy.

We are confident that our cabinets, doors and worktops are manufactured from the finest timbers on the market; as such, we offer fully finished sample cabinets (sections of the cabinet panels), doors (in both styles – Shaker and Traditional – and all finishes – handpainted, lacquered and sanded) and worktop samples.

All samples are great representations of the finished article; our cabinet samples are manufactured and finished in the same manner as the cabinet panels themselves, as are the miniature doors, whereas our samples are cut from actual worktop stock and oiled on the top face and edges to give a true indicator of the quality available.

We charge a small fee for each sample to cover distributions costs, but in all cases if you go on to purchase an order you can claim some money back. So give our sample service a chance today – you won’t be disappointed!



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