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The Best Colour Pairings for Gold Kitchen Hardware

Posted by admin on March 23, 2018 at 3:04 pm. Filed under: General

Brass and gold tones are currently enjoying a revival, with designers and homeowners using them in everything from quick revamps to complete redesigns. Many still consider gold to be a brave choice, as it can be overpowering and chintzy if not . With the right colour pairings, however, gold kitchen hardware can look opulent and feel stunning.

A modern kitchen with black cabinets, gold hardware and a wooden worktop

Credit : Pinterest

Black and Grey

Dark, neutral colours are a classic combination with gold. The brighter colour of the gold provides a beautiful contrast and makes it a focal point in any kitchen. This pairing suits both modern and traditional settings, providing a timeless and elegant style. Putting these colours together can cultivate a nature-inspired theme – gold is an organic material and is surrounded by sombre-coloured rocks and soil. Use potted plants or other green touches to bring the outside in.

Recreate the kitchen shown here by choosing our shaker cabinets painted in Farrow & Ball’s Railings or Manor House Gray, our wonderful walnut or iroko worktops, and one of our many different handles.

A clean white kitchen with a wooden herringbone floor, a marble worktop and gold handles

Credit : Décor Apartment

White and Off-white

Choosing to pair gold kitchen hardware with a crisp white shade will produce an ultra-modern aesthetic. A white kitchen is timeless and clean, and is given warmth with brass-toned touches like handles and lights. Only using gold on small parts of the cook space means it is easier and more affordable to replace. Off-white shades will pair with gold equally well, introducing additional texture and character.

You can achieve a similar look to this kitchen by opting for our cabinets, handles and either our marble effect or concrete effect laminate worktops.

A kitchen with blue base cabinets, white wall cabinets and gold handles

Credit : Pinterest

Complimentary Colours

Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel are guaranteed to pair successfully. Gold is complemented very well by blue and dark purple shades. Blue is a time-honoured accompaniment to gold hardware, imbuing a refined yet laidback quality to family kitchens. These dark shades allow gold touches to take centre stage, just like the black and grey colours above. Paint our cabinets in Farrow & Ball’s Drawing Room Blue or Stiffkey Blue to recreate this style in your kitchen.

A red and gold China tea cup and saucer

Credit : Pinterest

Analogous Colours

Gold is one of the few colours to pair well with the colours around it, so red and orange shades can be considered. This pairing is fantastic for creating a regal, opulent look, evoking an Oriental ambience in your kitchen. However, this combination is commonly used at Christmastime, which may suggest why red and gold is not as popular.

A green kitchen with gold toned lights and accessories

Credit : Coco Lapine Design

Green and Teal

Gold can pair with almost any colour – even green and turquoise tones. Opting for a darker shade such as emerald will create a sophisticated and luxurious feel. Dark green will enhance the gold kitchen hardware in a similar way to dark blue, grey and black. Lighter green and teal shades add playfulness and intrigue, inviting you and your guests to spend longer in the kitchen. In the kitchen shown here, the matt green cabinets contrast with the polished brass accessories, which are very eye-catching.

There are different colour options if you are pairing with gold kitchenware. All of these pairings allow the gold to be the prominent colour without being too intense. Would you choose gold for your kitchen? Comment below, or start a conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


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