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Handy Delivery Tips

Delivery Fleet

Having ordered your new solid oak kitchen cabinets, wooden worktops and other kitchen accessories, now is the time to think about what you can do to make sure the help ensure that the delivery process goes as smoothly as possible.

The following tips will help you feel at ease about the big day, and make sure you are fully prepared to you receive your order:

  • Check that the products can be comfortably manoeuvred through your access path.

    Because some of our kitchen products are very large (such as worktops up to 4M in length or full height cabinet panels), you will need to ensure that there is ample room from the point of access to wherever you plan on sorting your products. Consider extra space that may be required to turn corners and whether any obstacles may obstruct the path.

  • Consider where you would prefer our delivery van to park up whilst at your property.

    Most orders are delivered by our own two-man delivery team, but depending which delivery option you have chosen, your delivery may be made by a larger truck. So as to ensure that your products can be carefully delivered, and to make the process go more smoothly, please make sure that your property and the road leading to it can be accessed by the size of vehicle we will be using. If you have any concerns, make sure you contact us on the day before delivery.

  • Walk the route from delivery van to storage location yourself.

    Start at the point where our delivery van will be able to park and walk the path the delivery will take through the entrance of your property and to the point where the items will be stored. Take into account any obstructions or tight corners that may need to be negotiated; we recommend printing a copy of your invoice and measuring doors and ceiling heights in advance.

  • Be available to check that the route from van to storage location is clear.

    Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets takes great care in making sure that your order arrives safely and securely, but sometimes we may need assistance from you on the day. Depending on which delivery service you have chosen, some items may require assistance, as not all of our services are delivered by a two-man team. In these scenarios we ask that an able-bodied person is available to help unload the goods.

  • Consider temporarily removing trip hazards, wall fixtures or furniture from the delivery path.

    Health and safety procedures dictate that our delivery teams strictly adhere to a number of instructions and limitations. They cannot at any point remove their steel-capped footwear, so ensure that light carpets or other fragile flooring is adequately protected with old sheets or newspaper. Our drivers cannot take responsibility from any damage that occurs to your flooring if it is not properly protected.

  • Check that all items on the order are present and undamaged before signing for the delivery.

    We take great care to ensure that the correct items are delivered and are free from damage. Once delivered into your property, the drivers will remove any outer worktop packaging to allow you to inspect them before signing. Cabinets will require more thorough checking, but we at least recommend that you check for any signs of impact on the cardboard packaging. Once the delivery document is signed, we may not be able to return items that are damaged.

If you follow these tips, we have no doubt that your kitchen will be delivered on time and free from damage. If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to get in touch.