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800mm - 1200mm Wide Base Cabinet Assembly Instructions

Click here if you would like to download a pdf of these instructions.

IMPORTANT - Please read prior to installation

Thanks for purchasing a solid oak kitchen cabinet. Before you commence installation, please check the contents of this package to ensure that all necessary components are included. Please contact us immediately via email if any parts appear to be missing.

Please ensure that you assemble the goods in a clean, dry area, with plenty of space, and that you have the correct tools and equipment to hand. We recommend that you read the instructions in full before you commence assembly, and if necessary, run through the installation procedure without physically assembling any items before you begin. Only construct one cabinet at a time, and follow the installation stages in order, without modification. During installation, be careful to keep the relevant fittings for the current cabinet together. Do not over tighten screws, and ensure that any larger panels are laid flat and protected.

Clean the cabinets with a damp cloth, and if necessary a small amount of liquid soap, only. Do not use abrasives. We provide a full cleaning and aftercare guide on our website, please view this for further information.

Wide Base Cabinet


Wide Base Cabinet Panels


Wide Base Cabinet hardware

Step one:

Insert [A] and [E] as shown in the diagram below.
Apply a small drop of glue to each dowel [E] before inserting.

Wide Base Cabinet - step one

Step two:

Insert [B] as shown ensuring the arrow marking is pointing towards the outside edge.

Wide Base Cabinet - step two

Step three:

Connect the base panel (3) to the side panel (1) using the fittings inserted during steps 1 and 2.

Repeat the process for all top panels (2)

Wide Base Cabinet - step three

Step four:

Fit support panel (6) using 4 x [E] dowels and secure with 2 x [D] screws.

Wide Base Cabinet - step four

Step five:

Connect the opposite side panel (1) as shown then tighten all fittings [B] by turning in direction of arrow with screwdriver.

Wide Base Cabinet - step five

Step six:

Slide the back panel (4) between the grooves on the inside edge of each side panel (1) as shown.

It is advised that you run a small amount of glue along the grooves first.

Wide Base Cabinet - step six

Fitting Cabinet Legs

Position each foot mount [H] towards the edge of the base panel at each corner. Ensure screw holes are not aligned over the panel join and that the overhang foot support is overlapping the side panel as shown below.

Drill 3mm pilot holes into the base panel through the four mounting holes in each foot mount. Now screw the four [C] screws supplied with each foot directly through the foot mount and into the base panel.

Attach the adjustable legs [I] to each foot mount and adjust to the appropriate height.

Fitting cabinet legs

Joining Cabinets

Cabinets should be joined between each set of hinge holes on the inside edge of the side panel as shown in the diagram. Mark 25mm as a guide on a 3mm diameter drill bit using masking tape. Drill between the hinge holes into the cabinet side panel (18mm) and 7mm into the next until you reach the marker. Join the two cabinets together using the 25mm screws provided [D]

Joining cabinets

Fitting Cabinet to Wall

When fixing the cabinet to the wall you must only use slotted angle brackets. A round head screw must be used to fix the bracket.
It is important that you use the slot that runs at perpendicular to the width (across and not parallel with the grain).

Fitting Cabinet to Wall

Fitting Shelves

Push the shelf supports [F] into the pre-drilled shelf holes then sit the shelf on top.

Fitting Shelves

Fitting Plinths

Secure plinth to plinth clip [J] using screw provided [C]

Clip each plinth clip onto the legs [I] at the front of the cabinet.

Fitting Plinths