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Curved PLINTH 16mm & 20mm Assembly Instructions

Click here if you would like to download a pdf of these instructions.

IMPORTANT - Please read prior to installation

Thanks for purchasing a solid oak/MDF Veneered curved plinth. Prior to commencing installation please check the contents of this package to ensure that all necessary components are included. Please contact us immediately via email if any parts appear to be missing.

Please ensure that you assemble the goods in a clean, dry area, with plenty of space, and that you have the correct tools and equipment to hand. We recommend that you read the instructions in full before commencing assembly; and if unsure we advise an initial rehearsal of the installation procedure without physically assembling any items..

We advise using a damp cloth and - if necessary - a small amount of liquid soap to clean the product. Do not use abrasive materials. For more information, please view the full cleaning and aftercare guide on our website.

Curved Plinth



Hardware (not included)

Curved Plinth - Hardware (not included)

Step one:

Please find below two drilling patterns for the two curved plinth types (one for the 20mm solid oak option, one for the 16mm veneered option). The first drilling pattern is for the 16mm thick curved plinth and second one is for the 20mm thick curved plinth. Before proceeding to the next step please take a pencil and mark the size of the curved plinth out on the bottom of your curved cabinet.

Curved Plinth - step one

Step two:

Pre-drill the holes for the screws before using the 3mm drill bit. Make sure to use the correct drilling pattern.

Curved Plinth - step two

Step three:

Fix leg holders [B] to the cabinet using screws [A] from leg pack supplied with cabinet.

Curved Plinth - step three

Step four:

Fit four [C] legs into leg [B] holders by pressing them in.

Curved Plinth - step four

Step five:

Clip plinth holders [D] on to the legs [B].

Curved Plinth - step five

Step six:

Place the plinth so that it is touching the plinth holders [D] and check the distance between edge of the cabinet and the front surface of the plinth. The distance must be 20mm.

Curved Plinth - step six

Step seven:

Take a pencil and create the necessary marker lines: you will need to mark two equal to the centre of the plinth holders and (if the cabinet is adjacent to a wall) one at the end of the cabinet

Curved Plinth - step seven

Step eight:

Using your pencil, create extensions of previously marked lines on the back side of the plinth. Next fix the plinth holders [D] using the screws provided with the leg pack. Please ensure that the distance is 30-60mm from the edge of the plinth.

Curved Plinth - step eight

Step nine:

Your curved plinth is now ready to be fitted. Should you experience any difficulty during fitting, please try to keep the sliding elements of the plinth holders [D] as close to the centre of the plinth as possible. They will be set at the correct position after clipping onto the legs.

Curved Plinth - step nine