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Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

As a leading supplier of natural products, we operate in accordance with a strict environmental policy. Proper environmental practice and ethical sourcing is vitally important to us and we promote this throughout our business.

More details of our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly business procedures are below, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our timber

  • Our oak is sourced from within Europe from FSC certified, sustainable sources.
  • Indeed all European timber that we use to manufacture both cabinets and worktops is purchased from sustainable forests with established replanting programmes.
  • Our exotic timbers are purchased solely from legal sources; we use trusted agents that are able to provide us with full documentation and chain of custody.
  • We purchase our American timbers from one of the largest mills in the US. As is standard for the United States, all such timber is PEFC certified.
  • We do not use middlemen. All suppliers are visited in person and rigorous checks are made before products are purchased. We continue to make regular visits thereafter to ensure that our strict conditions are being adhered to.
  • We are against illegal harvesting and do not engage with anyone involved in such practices. To ensure that all timber that we purchase is ethically sourced, we demand a transparent chain of custody and the evidence to support this.
  • All timber is purchased in accordance with the EUTR.

Minimal wastage at every step

  • Our oak cabinets are made from finger-jointed panels and our worktops are finger jointed or edge/high-pressure glued (depending on construction). The use of many sections of material dramatically reduces wastage, particularly when compared to old-fashioned construction techniques.
  • Any wasted or damaged panels can be turned into samples, smaller size cabinet panels, or can be used to fuel our biomass boiler (the only source of heating in our warehouse).
  • We recycle as much as we possibly can. Reusable packaging is used when possible, we use FSC certified paper or recycled cardboard for printing (and prioritise electronic methods of communication throughout the business) and we recycle the majority of our business waste (including wood chips, wood dust, paper, metal, glass, IT equipment and any cardboard). Our factory has a self-enclosed extraction system to recycle all emissions.
  • We have invested in innovative route optimisation software for all of our vehicles, meaning that when routes are planned for our drivers, our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum level.

Dedication to social responsibility

As a company, Direct Online Services Ltd have funded tree-planting schemes within the UK and Africa.