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Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration

When Steph was looking to update her home, she was attracted to Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets as she realised how easy it would be to tailor one of our kitchens to suit her and her family. Farmhouse kitchens are a popular style, and this is something Steph knew she wanted before she even started looking.

Our products look particularly good in this style as the solid wood we use lends itself to the more traditional feel. As an avid cook with a young family, Steph had a number of requirements for her new kitchen, and by segmenting the space available she managed to create a separate utility area whilst making the most of the architectural features and natural light that exist in her home.

This tried-and-tested style has been given a fresh new outlook with a contemporary monochrome colour scheme, accented by Steph's extensive collection of recipe books and fantastic burgundy range cooker. The bookshelf that runs from ceiling to floor has been created using oak to complement the worktops, which warms the room and lifts the black and white used throughout.

I love the country feel of farmhouse style kitchens as they feel so inviting and homely.

The warming honey hue of the oak used throughout this kitchen alludes to the heritage of the property without dominating or diminishing the black and white landscape it is integrated into.

Open cabinets and bookshelves are a wonderful way to showcase the beauty of this natural material, and the use of white painted end panels and oak on the kitchen island upholds the balance that is established through the rest of the room, into the utility area.

I chose Farrow & Ball's All White for my cabinet doors - both my husband and our kitchen planner suggested I look for a softer shade but I am so glad I didn't now, because I love the contrast it creates.

It was my way of putting a personal stamp on a classic look and my husband agrees that it is not something we'd have been able to achieve with an off the shelf kitchen.

In a more traditional kitchen, butler or Belfast sinks are a popular choice. The taps that Steph has selected to complement the door knobs and pulls she has opted for are satin chrome, which is a more muted option than a polished chrome and does not contrast too strongly with the other colours used.

I wanted to keep the original fittings on the window but I thought black knobs or handles would be too strong against the white cabinet doors. The sink is so practical, it is perfect for washing up larger pots and pans that won't fit in the dishwasher. We have a matching one out in the utility area which gives us plenty of space for rinsing off vegetables that we've grown in the garden without traipsing mud through the kitchen.

Having a young, growing family and a white kitchen may not seem the most practical choice, but Steph's children and husband were factored into the plans from the very beginning.

Steph and her husband were concerned that having a completely bespoke unit created to house their fridge would be prohibitively expensive - luckily, they discussed with their fitter who was able to create a solution using our cabinet doors, cornices and some timber panelling.

Having the flexibility to create storage space to fit into the alcove around our huge fridge was amazing - we discussed it initially when we looked at the space we had but were a little dismissive.

We effectively used the parts you are able to supply and made them into something totally unique that fitted our kitchen - and most importantly, our budget.

The cupboards around the fridge mainly contain snacks - when I'm cooking, I'd rather the children weren't in under my feet - this way they can get to the fridge or cabinets to feed and water themselves and be out of the way."

The seating around the kitchen island is often frequented by an unofficial 'homework club' where the children gather to do their work whilst Steph or her husband are cooking. The drawers mean that the full height can be used for cupboards surrounding the island, maximising storage space. A wine rack on one side of the island is mirrored by a wine fridge at the other end, which, Steph says, was a last minute addition that she could not live without now.

I really love having the right wine to complement different meals I cook - when we chose the wine rack and fridge I didn't think I'd ever fill it up but I am already thinking about spaces to squeeze an extra one in!

Ready to create your own farmhouse kitchen?

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