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Our wide range of solid oak kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes to suit any kitchen layout. Whether you are looking for base or wall cabinets, you'll find our wide selection can cater for almost any kitchen storage requirements.

The collection also includes full height units, corner units and specialist kitchen cabinets that can cater for built-in appliances, Belfast sinks and more besides.

Each of our solid wood cabinets is made almost entirely from solid European oak - only the rear panel is made from MDF with a solid oak foil, which allows the cabinet to expand and contract as environmental temperatures change, without damaging the rest of the unit.

We also sell an affordable selection of oak doors and drawers to match any of the cabinets in our collection, which are available in either Shaker or Traditional styles. They are available in a sanded or lacquered finish, or can be painted in the Farrow & Ball colour of your choice.

Our oak kitchen cabinets are in stock and ready to order immediately - available either flat-packed or pre-assembled on our two-man delivery service in as little as 7 working days (14 days for painted cabinets or units with door / drawer frontals).

Base Cabinets

Our solid wood kitchen base cabinets are available in three depth options (300mm, 450mm and 570mm), and a variety of widths up to 1200mm wide. Each unit is lacquered for a smooth, water-resistant finish and includes a single oak shelf, but can accommodate up to five shelves in total.

Wall Cabinets

Make the most of your kitchen's wall space with our range of solid wood wall cabinets. Like our base cabinets, they are made from solid oak panels that are lacquered to a smooth, hard-wearing finish. These units are available in 570mm, 720mm or 900mm heights, and widths ranging from 150mm up to 1200mm.

Full Height Cabinets

Whether you want your oven at eye-level or need a vast amount of larder storage, our full height cabinets are an ideal solution. 1965mm and 2145mm options are available in widths ranging from 300mm to 600mm. We also offer a variety of suitable wirework to elegantly provide a full height cabinet with an innovative storage solution.

Corner Cabinets

Kitchen corners often waste valuable storage space in kitchens, providing space that is simply unusable because it is difficult to access. Our variety of oak kitchen corner units allows you to use every bit of available space, and can be fitted out with wirework to make accessing even the furthest corners of the cabinet a whole lot easier.

Oven Housing Cabinets

If you plan on including in-built appliances, our range of specialist solid oak oven housing cabinets are ideal for accommodating either single or double ovens. Our full-height variants can accommodate either drawers or doors both above and below the oven, depending on your needs.

Specialist Cabinets

If you plan on including in-built appliances, need to accommodate a Belfast sink, or want to have wine and other beverages within easy access, our range of specialist cabinets help make it easier to create your custom kitchen. We also offer a variety of curved units and slim wall cabinets to elegantly finish a run of cabinets, or make use of wall space above a sink or hob.

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