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Oak Kitchen Shelf 600mm x 200mm x 27mm

Oak Kitchen Shelf

600mm X 200mm X 27mm

Create a warm and inviting kitchen ambiance with the use of charming and traditional oak. Our solid oak kitchen shelf simply cannot be matched by imitations; this authentic timber is hard-wearing, robust and full of natural appeal.

Crafted right here in Gloucestershire, this kitchen wall shelf is produced by our skilled team of solid wood experts, compiled from a series of 40mm-wide solid oak staves. These sections of timber are finger-jointed and high-pressure glued, for optimum strength. This shelf is then sanded to a smooth, 150 grit finish and given three coats of wood oil to enhance the attractive natural grain pattern and nourish the timber. This oil dries to natural, low-lustre finish.

Oak is a reliable choice for kitchen shelving. In addition to its inherent strength, oak is also recognised for its versatile, golden colouration, which sits well within almost any design scheme. This shelf measures 600mm X 200mm X 27mm, and we recommend the use of two support brackets.


kitchen wall shelf

is the perfect complement to our solid oak cabinets and worktops.
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