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The Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets team understand how many considerations there are when it comes to updating or replacing your kitchen. Our information guides are designed to offer quick and easy insight into all things related to solid wood, kitchens and cabinetry, plus other information that may interest and inspire you!

So, if you're thinking about making a purchase, or are just interested in learning a little more about the wonderful world of solid timber kitchens, please feel free to explore our extensive library.

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  • Buying Guides for Kitchens

    A compendium of articles to help you choose accessories and appliances to suit your solid wood kitchen. Includes popular guides such as 'Buying Small Appliances for Oak Kitchens' and 'Buying Cooker Hobs for Solid Oak Kitchens'.

  • Cabinetry

    In the ‘Cabinetry’ category you will find guidance on anything and everything to do with kitchen cabinets; these articles will contain product knowledge, history, information on specific timbers and cabinet construction. This section will be updated regularly so do keep an eye out for new guides.

  • Customer Questions

    These questions were sent in directly by our customers, and have been answered with assistance from our in-house kitchen experts. We will be posting a new question every week, so do check back for the answers to further popular queries.

  • General

    Handy hints about our services, product ranges, and much more. Our 'General' guides cover a wide range of topics, from a 'Pre-Drilling Service' article to a helpful run-down of the online ordering process entitled 'How to Order Solid Wood Kitchens'.

  • Installation and Maintenance Tips

    A library of guides that will aid the upkeep of your kitchen. Includes informative articles such as 'How to Clean Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets' and 'Installing End Panels in Solid Oak Kitchens'.

  • Kitchen Design Tips

    A selection of guides that will prove both inspirational and informative when planning your kitchen. Features useful articles such as 'How to Create a Shaker Kitchen' and 'How to Create a Farmhouse Kitchen with Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets'.

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