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Accessorise Your Solid Wood Kitchens with Handles and Knobs

Posted by admin on April 30, 2014 at 11:08 am. Filed under: Products

Choosing solid wood kitchens is the easy part – especially when they’re as finely made as ours. After deciding on the size and style of your cabinets, and which type of kitchen unit doors will complement your designs, it’s then time to accessorise. Whether you’d prefer to keep everything wooden, or whether you fancy opting for some splashes of metallic beauty, we have kitchen cabinet handles to suit.

Solid Wood Knobs

Solid Wood Knobs

Complement the beauty of our solid wood kitchens with natural knobs made from wood. Available in solid oak, beech, iroko, walnut, maple and cherry – to match our gorgeous hardwood worktops – along with a stained and lacquered black wooden knob, our selection offers something for every taste.

Metal Knobs

Metal Knobs

Choose from our selection of nickel pewter, brass, iron, stainless-steel and a variety of other ornate metal knobs for your cabinet doors. This collection is comprised of some classic designs along with some more ornate numbers to suit even the most lavish kitchens.

Metal Handles

Metal Cup Handles

Whether choosing a contemporary or traditional appearance, our selection of handles will finish your kitchen in style. Pick from stainless-steel, brass or pewter finishes for some modern simplicity, rustic charm or lavish craftsmanship to match your kitchen drawers.

Metal Cup Handles

Metal Cup Handles

Add some industrial charm to your kitchen with ‘cup’ style handles. This collection of pewter, iron, nickel and brass handles are designed to complement the matching knobs in our range – whether your design choices are up-to-the-minute or traditional.

Competitively priced and beautifully crafted, our array of wooden and metal accessories have been picked to suit a wide range of oak kitchens. Some of our collection is manufactured in Britain, and many are handmade for that finishing touch of class. The entire range is available from stock and can be delivered within 48 hours – so what are you waiting for? Time to accessorise!


Spotlight on Solid Oak Base Cabinets

Posted by admin on April 23, 2014 at 4:03 pm. Filed under: Products
Spotlight on Solid Oak Base Cabinets

It’s without a doubt in our minds that the finest kitchens are made from solid wood. Gone are the days when solid oak cabinets had to be hand-made at great expense – a kitchen can now be created from our wide range of modular sizes to create the kitchen you’ve often dreamed of.

We stock three different depths of 720mm tall base cabinets (570mm, 450mm and 300mm), and widths range from 150mm all the way up to super-wide 1200mm units. Units up to 600mm are supplied with four adjustable legs, whilst those of 800m and higher come with a fifth supporting leg.

Each cabinet comes with a single solid oak shelf (though you’re welcome to order more), and unlike some other kitchen retailers our cabinets are made almost entirely from solid oak, with the only exception being the oak-effect MDF backpanel (which is necessary to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of wood).

Just like our kitchen worktops, the cabinets are constructed from 40mm staves of European oak that are stain resistant to household food and drink (including red wine!). The cabinets are sanded to a beautifully smooth finish and then subjected to a three-coat lacquering process that results in an incredibly even, versatile and hard-wearing finish.

If you’d like to see a sample of our solid wood kitchen cabinets, we offer a handy sample service where we can supply a 160x80x18mm fully finished piece of cabinet oak for only £5 including delivery. If you go on to purchase from us, we’ll happily refund the cost of the sample against your first order.


Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Easter Opening Hours

Posted by admin on April 17, 2014 at 10:39 am. Filed under: General
Solid oak kitchens - Easter Opening Hours

Easter is nearly upon us, and whilst we hope you’ll be enjoying some quality time with friends, family and a ready supply of chocolate, the downside is that it means our opening times will be reduced for a short period.

If you’re still wanting to order some solid oak kitchen cabinets this weekend, our showroom and customer service lines will be open between 10am and 2pm on Friday the 18th of April, Saturday the 19th of April and Monday the 21st of April. As usual, all of our departments will not be open on Sunday the 20th of April.

Normal opening times will resume on Tuesday the 22nd of April.


April’s Kitchen Gadget of the Month

Posted by admin on April 16, 2014 at 7:48 am. Filed under: General
April’s Kitchen Gadget of the Month - The Flavour Shaker

We know that if you’re a customer of ours, or are considering our solid oak kitchen cabinets for your dream kitchen, there’s a high likelihood you’re also a keen chef – or at least know someone who is! In this, the first of our monthly posts focusing on gadgetry for your kitchen, we’re looking at an ingenious invention from Britain’s culinary mascot of healthy eating – Mr Jamie Oliver. To compliment his existing range of kitchen wares, Jamie has come up with the ’Flavour Shaker’.

This unique gadget is designed to crush, mix and infuse essences from whole garlic, spices, herbs, nuts, citrus rinds or even lime or bay leaves. It looks perfect for creating salad dressings and marinades, or just to release the flavour of ingredients prior to adding them to the pan.

Start by popping your ingredients inside the bottom half, then add the magic ball and give it a good shake – just like you would a cocktail maker. The tough ceramic ball does all the hard work – crushing, grinding and bruising whatever you’ve loaded inside, to release intense aromas and zesty flavours. Available for £20, it’s cheaper than a decent pestle and mortar, and far less messy! Keep an eye on our blog and social media accounts for further handy kitchen tips; if you’re not already following us, check in with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Google+.


Oak Kitchens in New White: April’s Colour of the Month

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New White: April’s Colour of the Month

A light pastel scheme accented with bright primary colours is very much the current trend in kitchen colour schemes, and April’s colour of the month is an off-white shade with a tincture of yellow hues – warmer than ‘All White’, and perfect for kitchen cabinets being accompanied with darker pastel shades for surrounding walls.

‘New White’ evokes a soft, country feel which makes it the ideal tone to mix with natural wood to conjure that farmhouse feeling. Consider pairing it with one of our darker worktops – such as wenge or American walnut – for a beautiful contrast, or keep things traditional and use it within one of our oak kitchens.

This creamy shade of off-white reflects light wonderfully and can appear quite different throughout the day and at different times of year. In late evening sun and under fluorescent light, it becomes very ivory indeed, whilst on overcast winter days it looks much closer to a clean white.

Whether you’re keen to find out exactly what ‘New White’ looks like in the ‘flesh’, or would like the opportunity to compare it to some of the other sumptuous colours in our collection, head on down to our showroom where you can find examples of all the paints in our Farrow & Ball selection.


Complete Your Oak Kitchens with Curved Plinths: Coming Soon

Posted by admin on April 2, 2014 at 3:23 pm. Filed under: Products
Curved Kitchen Plinths: Coming Soon

We’re on the verge of expanding our comprehensive collection of accessories for oak kitchens with the addition of curved plinths. We use the same methods and materials as in our existing collections to ensure that the plinths blend in seamlessly with your kitchen, creating a beautifully professional look.

Curved plinths will be available in two superb styles: either a solid oak curved plinth to complement our straight oak plinths, or a more affordable veneered oak version.

We’re also adding straight veneered plinths to our range so that your plinths will match throughout your kitchen!

The new curved plinths will be supplied lacquered or painted in one of our fabulous house shades (from Farrow & Ball’s superb collection). We can also supply the plinths in a sanded state, ready for you to oil, stain, or finish as required.

Keep an eye on our solid wood plinths page keep up to date with the latest product information, or contact us if you’d like to be informed as soon as the products are live and ready to order.

Our current plinth range is available to order immediately from stock, and can be delivered with your cabinet order by the following day if ordered before 10am.