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Inspirational Kitchens

Posted by admin on April 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm. Filed under: Products

Nowadays there are so many kitchen styles to choose from it can make achieving your perfect design tricky. These inspirational kitchens are here to spark your imagination, so continue reading to find ideas to implement yourself.

The combination of full-height cabinetry with curved worktops and cabinets make this beautiful kitchen both stylish and functional. Featuring Farrow & Ball’s Lime White, this kitchen is light and airy.

Cream coloured cabinets paired with mid to dark toned worktops and handles work in harmony to create a well-balanced traditional style kitchen.

The peninsula is a prominent feature in this kitchen and the cabinets, which have been left unpainted to expose the natural wood, are allowed to take centre stage.

This one wall kitchen has been designed in a traditional style. It features full stave oak worktops, cabinets painted in Farrow & Ball’s Wimborne White and a ceramic Belfast sink.

With the sink and hob installed in this island, the focus of this kitchen is central. The minimalist colour scheme and contemporary style make this design highly modern.

Blue is the colour of choice in this kitchen. The exposed brickwork and solid wood flooring help to create a traditional feel in this welcoming cooking space.

The combination of dark and light colours creates a striking contrast resulting in a contemporary feel that is accentuated by the use of stainless-steel appliances.

The seating area on this island allows for a social space. Perfect for preparing meals, entertaining or dining – this kitchen has it all.

Another kitchen with blue cabinet frontals, this time organised into a U-shape. The undermount stainless steel sink and Shaker doors are just two features that give this kitchen a contemporary feel.

The full wall pale green splashback not only looks great in this kitchen but also serves to protect the wall from splashes and stains – as well as giving this kitchen a modern touch.

G-shaped kitchens, like this one, optimise worktop and storage space. Here, the peninsula has been turned into a seating area to add space for dining.

This is a fine example of a farmhouse kitchen. Everything from the choice of wood to the stools is traditional, giving this kitchen an authentic and welcoming feel.

This kitchen has both dark worktops and flooring. However, the use of pale blue walls lightens the room. Solid wood floating shelves give extra storage space and add to the contemporary appeal.

Dark worktops combined with light cabinets and walls to deliver a well-balanced colour palette in this L-shaped kitchen.

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The Psychology of Red Kitchens

Posted by admin on March 26, 2019 at 1:38 pm. Filed under: Products

Choosing the correct colour scheme can affect the overall design of a kitchen as well as how you feel in it – but why and how? In the first of a series of posts, we explore the psychology of red kitchens.

As a highly energetic colour, red is closely associated with passion. Its warmth is emotive and is often used to express both love and peril. Due to its association with danger as well as food sources (a link to our hunter gather days), red has a dramatic effect on the human psyche, causing changes in metabolism, respiration rate, appetite and blood pressure.

Obviously, there are many shades of red, from rich maroon to vibrant scarlet and some, such as crimson or cinnabar, have subtle additions of blue or yellow. These different hues accentuate specific emotive responses and alter the feeling of a kitchen when used.

Eating Room Red by Farrow & Ball is a prime example of how red can be transformed when different colours are added to produce an alternative shade. It is a rich burgundy and has an air of restrained sophistication due to the deep pigmentation which reduces its energy – a fact that is apparent when you compare it to true red.

How to Use Red Effectively in a Kitchen

Using red in a kitchen is a great way to create a bold look – perfect if you want to make a statement. For those wanting a subtler design, including red in moderation can be done easily with accessories or small appliances. In this kitchen, attention is drawn to the red island which is balanced against a more neutral background.

Pair red cabinet doors and a pale solid maple worktop for a striking look. Using different coloured base and wall cabinets is a great way to ensure that the red does not overpower the room, particularly in smaller spaces.

Key Considerations

  • •Instil feelings of passion, love, warmth and excitement
  • •Easy to use in moderation for a subtler look
  • •Pair with neutral colours
  • •Consider using red accents

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Kitchen Larder Units: Practical Storage Trends for 2017

Posted by admin on January 25, 2017 at 3:30 pm. Filed under: Products

In recent years, consumers have been considering function as well as form when it comes to kitchen trends. Kitchen larder units- for example – are a perfect, practical way to ensure your work surfaces are clear and clutter free, whilst fully optimising all available space. Moreover, thanks to the flexibility offered by customisable additions like wirework and bespoke frontals, our range can cater to the needs of any kitchen.

Traditional frontals in Parma Gray.

The first consideration when looking at kitchen larder units for your home is the space you have to house it. Our full height cabinets are great for bigger spaces, and – if you have plenty of room – can be fitted side by side for the ultimate storage unit (as depicted in the stunning example above). A great place for housing dry store cupboard goods, full height cabinets also provide an easy-to-access storage system for chinaware, pots and pans, and smaller appliances like kettles. The addition of pull and swing pantry units makes the unit even easier to utilise. Alternatively, our Blum space tower is a popular choice as it comes fitted with sturdy built-in drawers and a spacious shelf.

When designing kitchen larder units to suit your style, cabinet frontals offer an important customisation option. For a more classically-styled kitchen, Traditional frontals in a soft neutral Farrow & Ball shade (such as New White) look fantastic and create a cosy country look. Shaker frontals add sleeker lines to a kitchen for those seeking a more modern feel, and, when painted in bolder hues, they can make a real statement.

A solid oak spice rack is a fantastic addition to any kitchen unit, working especially well in a full height kitchen larder.

A solid oak spice rack is another great way to customise or update kitchen larder units. Fitting snugly on the inside of a door, this handy rack will keep everything tidy, easy to access, and neatly hidden. Keeping your kitchen clear of worktop clutter creates the illusion of additional space, whilst freeing up valuable room on your work surfaces. We recently put together an installation guide for attaching our spice racks to cabinet doors.

Shaker frontals in Lulworth Blue.

For kitchens in which space is at a premium, base cabinet pull-out wirework provides an excellent opportunity to utilise all available room. The two 150mm soft close pull-out larders shown in the kitchen above include two baskets that are ideally shaped for storing bottles, herbs, spices, and other store cupboard essentials – and they look fantastic either side of the wide drawers below the hob, too! We can also supply full height soft close larders which feature five moveable baskets for fully-customised storage.

If your kitchen design features larder units like those mentioned above, we would love to see how you have customised and styled yours. Please feel free to send any images through to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.


Perfect Wooden Gift Ideas for Friends & Family with Oak Kitchens

Posted by admin on December 14, 2016 at 12:00 pm. Filed under: Products

At this time of year, finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be particularly tricky. If any of your friends or family are lucky enough to have one of our oak kitchens, we offer a complementary range of kitchen accessories that would make the ideal gift this Christmas.

Here are some of our festive favourites:

Chopping boards make a great Christmas gift and look superb in all oak kitchens – whether modern or traditional.

Solid Wood Chopping Boards

Whether or not your friend or loved one has a new kitchen, anyone can appreciate the elegance of our luxurious solid wood chopping boards. Priced from just £20, these chopping boards are made from the same hard-wearing timber as our wooden worktops, and are available in a wide variety of attractive hardwoods, including oak, walnut, and maple (as well as exotic alternatives such as wenge, zebrano or bamboo).

Our solid oak spice rack is a fantastic gift idea for smaller oak kitchens, as it provides plenty of additional storage space for herbs and spices.

Solid Oak Spice Rack

Every culinary whizz needs a place to store their selection of herbs and spices; and in a wood kitchen, our solid oak spice rack is the perfect companion. This three-tier storage solution holds approximately twenty bottles of herbs or spices, and is made from solid oak to match our oak kitchen cabinets perfectly.

Measuring 400mm (W) x 400mm (H) x 70mm (D), this storage rack is suitable for fixing to the inside of cabinet doors, or can be mounted to a wall if preferred.

A kitchen island trolley is ideal for providing additional food preparation space in oak kitchens during the busy Christmas period.

Kitchen Island Trolley

Do you know someone who struggles for food preparation space in their kitchen, or at the dining table? Our solid beech kitchen island trolley is a moveable solution that includes two handy shelves and a solid wood tabletop.

Two choices are available: a solid beech trolley with a matching beech tabletop, or a beech trolley painted in Farrow & Ball’s New White with an oak tabletop.

Our solid oak floating shelves are an ideal companion for oak kitchens. Available in two thicknesses and in a range of lengths.

Floating Kitchen Shelves

Our range of oak floating shelves are a fantastic storage solution for solid oak kitchens, and would make a great gift, too!

These floating solid oak shelves come in a variety of lengths and in two thicknesses: a slim 30mm option, or 40mm thick for a slightly chunkier appearance. Both thicknesses have a square edge profile that suits the contemporary design of floating shelves beautifully.

Specialist ‘invisible’ brackets – supplied with each shelf – are totally hidden once the shelf is installed. They are suitable for mounting to a solid stone wall or into the studs of plasterboard walls.

We hope this selection of accessories has provided some gift inspiration for your friends and family. However, if you come across any other wooden kitchen accessories that you think would suit wooden kitchens, don’t hesitate to share them with us via social media. You can post a message on our Facebook page, contact us on Twitter, or tag us in an Instagram post.


Taps for Solid Wood Kitchens – Now Available!

Posted by admin on November 9, 2016 at 12:11 pm. Filed under: Products
Our double Belfast sink with Rangemaster Belfast Mixer Tap.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently expanded our extensive portfolio of quality components for solid wood kitchens with a fantastic selection of kitchen taps.

The new collection offers a variety of styles that have been carefully collated to complement our kitchen sinks range. Our Rangemaster Belfast Mixer Tap and Reginox Elbe Tap both incorporate elegant white twin levers, and look stunning alongside single and twin-bowl Belfast sinks. They are also well suited to our white ceramic overmounted sinks.

If you are looking for a contemporary tap for your stainless steel overmounted or undermounted sink, the Rangemaster Chrome Mixer Tap or the WEX Delta Tap would work equally well.

To purchase wood or laminate worktops with cut-outs for tap holes and sinks, our sister brand Worktop Express offers a comprehensive worktop cutting service to save you the time and trouble of arranging this after delivery.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team to purchase your new kitchen taps, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’d be delighted to help!


Save Worktop Space In Solid Wood Kitchens With A Microwave Housing Cabinet

Posted by admin on July 13, 2016 at 1:51 pm. Filed under: Products

In many modern homes – particularly in family-orientated households – rooms like kitchens are well occupied, which can cause problems when it comes to finding room for storage and space to work in. Ever find that work surfaces in busy solid wood kitchens are becoming overcrowded? This can make a room feel cluttered and can eat into your much-needed worktop space.

Whilst we already have a variety of space-saving solutions available, such as our handy wirework, we wanted to introduce the latest addition to this category: our microwave housing cabinet. This new range can be found alongside our other appliance housing units, and offers a great solution if you’re hoping to free up some precious space on your countertop.

These practical wall cabinets can be purchased in a range of sizes to suit most kitchens, and are available in widths of 500mm and 600mm and heights of 720mm and 900mm. The cabinet carcass is constructed from finger-jointed staves of high-quality European oak, and features an over-head cabinet with a lift-up hinge (providing more vital kitchen storage space!).

Our microwave housing cabinets are available with Traditional or Shaker frontals to match the rest of your chosen kitchen cabinetry. Frontals can be ordered with a sanded or lacquered finish, or painted in one of four colours from Farrow & Ball (All White, New White, Mizzle or Parma Gray); these finishes make up our popular ‘Signature’ range. Alternatively you can choose any other shade from Farrow & Ball’s extensive paint collection by opting for a ‘bespoke’ finish (this service incurs a small surcharge and a couple of extra days for delivery, as these colours are not held in stock).

Samples are available for cabinet doors and carcass panels, allowing you to discover the high quality of these kitchen components in the comfort of your home; or, if you’d like to visit us, we would be delighted to welcome you to any one of our five showrooms across the country. Please get in touch if you would like to make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable showroom assistants.


Solid Oak Spice Racks – The Ideal Accessory for Oak Kitchens

Posted by admin on June 15, 2016 at 4:55 pm. Filed under: Products

The newest item to join our fabulous collection of accessories for oak kitchens, these solid oak spice racks are the perfect solution for creating clutter-free work surfaces and tidy cupboards.

Our solid oak storage solution makes all your herbs and spices easy to find, and provides the perfect space for storing them all together. Furthermore, by freeing up much-needed room on your wooden kitchen worktops, cooking can now become an organised and hassle-free experience.

This wooden spice organiser measures 400mm (W) x 400mm (H) x 70mm (D), and is perfectly sized for installation inside a 500mm-wide cabinet door. However, if you would prefer to fix the spice rack to a wall in your kitchen or pantry, it can be attached easily with the addition of a few small L-brackets.

Made with a frame of solid European oak, our spice racks have been built to serve you well for many years to come, and come with a hard-wearing lacquer finish.

If you would like to contact us to learn more about these high-quality wooden spice organisers for oak kitchens, please feel free to telephone us on 0345 22 22 990, or email us at .


Our New Easy-Cargo Waste Bins are Ideal for Oak Kitchens

Posted by admin on July 22, 2015 at 8:59 am. Filed under: Products

If you are considering a kitchen composed of fine solid wood components, such as our oak kitchen cabinets, wooden kitchen drawers and wood kitchen doors, it seems a shame to then spoil the look and feel of oak kitchens with unsightly accessories such as a freestanding kitchen waste bin.

The latest addition to our range of accessories aims to solve this problem by tucking your kitchen bin away in a cupboard – out of sight, and out of mind.

Our Easy-Cargo kitchen waste bins are especially designed to sit comfortably in one of our 500mm wide base cabinets, with a slide-out mechanism allowing easy access, whilst the fixed lid ensures that the bin is always covered to reduce odour and minimise mess.

The bins are available in two styles: a 40L capacity single bin (priced at £125), or a dual 19 + 30L set (priced at £150) that enables easy sorting of waste into two compartments – one for general waste, the other for recycling or food waste. Each bin is made from high-grade food-safe plastic and can be easily removed for waste disposal and cleaning.

Mounting the bin into one of our cabinets is easy, as the sturdy metal frame can simply be secured onto the bottom panel of our cabinets with four screws – no specialist tools are required.

If you like the sound of our Easy-Cargo waste bins, then why not treat your kitchen and free up some floor space whilst you’re at it. You can find out more about our new range in our ‘Guide to Waste Bins for Solid Oak Kitchens’.


Spotlight on Traditional Cabinet Doors for Oak Kitchens

Posted by admin on April 8, 2015 at 2:43 pm. Filed under: Products

Choosing the right kind of doors for your new kitchen is key to dictating the overall theme. At Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, we sell two types of doors: Shaker and Traditional. Our Shaker Doors have simple, clean lines that are ideal for modern kitchens, whilst the additional ornate detail of our Traditional doors are – as the name might suggest – best suited for oak kitchens with a classic or country feel.

Whether you are hoping for a rustic farmhouse kitchen or an elegant classical design, our Traditional solid oak kitchen doors are a perfect choice, featuring a detailed border that surrounds the door’s centre panel.

This type of door suits the natural look of exposed oak timber exceptionally well, and is available in either a smooth sanded finish for you to paint, stain or protect in your own preferred style; a pre-lacquered finish which is incredibly hard-wearing and easy to wipe clean; or a painted finish, utilising any one of the beautiful Farrow & Ball shades in our range (or a bespoke colour if you have something special in mind).

Like our kitchen cabinets, all our solid oak kitchen doors are constructed entirely from 20mm thick oak, and unlike alternatives from our competitors, that even includes the 6mm thick centre panel. Glazed variants are also available (customers can choose from either tinted or frosted glass): a perfect option for showing off glassware and complementing wooden wall cabinets.

Order our traditional doors along with matching oak cabinets and we will also include high-quality Blum™ BLUMOTION™ soft-close hinges. We also offer a wide range of handles for kitchen cabinets, which includes metal and wooden choices, to suit any kitchen theme.

To view the quality of our Traditional doors before placing an order, why not visit one of our kitchen showrooms, or order one of our miniature door samples? They can be provided in a sanded or lacquered finish, or pre-painted in any of Farrow & Ball’s extensive range of colours.


Spotlight on Shaker Doors for Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by admin on February 25, 2015 at 4:14 pm. Filed under: Products

When creating your new kitchen, the theme is partially dictated by the style of doors that you choose.

At Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets we offer two door styles to complement our solid oak kitchen cabinets: Shaker or Traditional. As the name suggest, the Traditional door style is suitable for classic or farmhouse kitchens, where extra ornate details are firmly at home.

Our Shaker doors however, are more suited to a contemporary kitchen design. They are more simplistic than the Traditional door styles, but still incredibly elegant in their own right.

They are named ‘Shaker’ doors after the religious movement which started during the 18th century in Manchester, England, but was made famous by the communities that travelled to North East America, one of which still remains today in the state of Maine.

The Shaker name is used for these cabinet doors because their clean, simplistic lines are evocative of the design ethos that the Shakers are famed for. Whilst Shaker design was mostly black and white, our doors are available pre-painted in any one of Farrow & Ball’s beautiful shades.

All of our solid oak kitchen doors are manufactured entirely from oak – even the centre panels. The frame on our Shaker doors measures 20mm thick, whilst the centre panel is 6mm thick. If you are using Shaker doors for wall-mounted solid oak kitchen cabinets, we also offer glazed variations featuring toughened frosted glass. If ordered along with matching oak cabinets, we will also supply you with Blum™ BLUMOTION™ soft-close hinges, which are a high-quality German mechanism. Finish off your frontals with our selection of matching Shaker pilasters, corner posts or cornices and pelmets.

If you would like to see the design of our Shaker doors up-close, please either visit one of our kitchen showrooms or order one of our miniature door samples, which can be finished or pre-painted in the style or shade of your choosing.


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