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Colour of the Month: Kitchen Cabinets in Terre D’Egypte by Farrow & Ball

Posted by admin on October 24, 2013 at 10:23 am. Filed under: Products
Terre d'Egypte Traditional Frontal

Autumn is well and truly upon us; and as such it seems only reasonable to dedicate October’s ‘colour of the month’ to this truly beautiful time. This month’s top pick is awarded to Farrow & Ball’s Terre D’Egypte – a colour stemming from the popular terracotta shade. A mixture of brown, orange and red and suitable for almost any home décor, it is a colour that remains fashionable all year round.

We are proud to use paints supplied by Farrow & Ball, for several reasons; the fact that these paints are water-based is a real bonus, because these colours are not only eco-friendly, but also allow the stunning grain pattern to shine through our customers’ painted wood kitchen doors. Furthermore, Terre D’Egypte’s natural tone creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere without compromising on luxury or sophistication – ideal for both traditional and modern style oak kitchens. Use it boldly as an accent colour by painting just one wall and decorate the room with matching furniture and accessories, or create a tonal colour scheme by utilising similar, warm shades throughout – this can transform any cold, north-facing room you may have in your house.

Terracotta has proved enduringly popular in both décor and fashion alike. Famous designers such as Stella McCartney and brands like Hermès of Paris have used terracotta shades within their Spring/Summer 2013 ‘ready to wear’ collection, something that is set to continue into the Autumn/Winter fashion picks as well.

So, as the leaves continue to fall around us, there’s no better time to stay connected with nature and bring autumn’s beautiful colours into your home. Keep your house warm and cosy this season. For more information about our cabinet colour range, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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