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Colours of the Month: Organic Shades for Oak Kitchens

Posted by admin on August 19, 2015 at 10:49 am. Filed under: General

At this time of the year the verdant fields of Britain’s countryside are in full-bloom and radiating with growth as summer’s warmth is topped up with regular doses of rain. This has certainly been the case this August, as it has been rather wet so far, but don’t let that dampen your spirits; this month we have a palette of organic Farrow & Ball colours to share with you, all of which are filled with natural warmth.

Colours of the Month: Light Blue
Colours of the Month: Lichen
Colours of the Month: Setting Plaster

Light Blue is not the most obvious blue in Farrow & Ball’s palette, instead appearing more silvery and closer to a cool stony grey or even green in some light. This peaceful and calming hue is a perfect shade for kitchen walls in bright kitchens, mixing equally well with either bright whites or darker accents such as wooden worktops.

A perfect green for oak kitchens, Farrow & Ball’s Lichen is ideal for creating a natural feel and is a sublime choice for painting oak kitchen doors and drawer fronts. It is slightly darker than the popular Vert De Terre, but has a lighter tone than Breakfast Room Green.

Lastly, Setting Plaster from Farrow & Ball is a more yellow version of magnolia with a comforting tone that also features elements of salmon pink. It is considered the ideal colour for walls in a north-facing kitchen as it is bright enough to reflect plenty of light into darker spaces, whilst retaining the warmth of natural light. It could also be used as the perfect complement for Lichen doors on wall cabinet details such as solid oak kitchen cornices & pelmets.

If you think August’s organic palette would suit your solid wood kitchen, give it a try by ordering a selection of our painted cabinet door kitchen samples. Each sample is hand-finished in the Farrow & Ball colour of your choosing and is a perfect replica of our full size cabinet frontals.


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