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Oak Kitchens in White Tie: August’s Colour of the Month

Posted by admin on August 13, 2014 at 3:56 pm. Filed under: Products
Oak Kitchens in White Tie: August’s Colour of the Month

Choosing a perfect shade of white is perhaps one of the trickiest decisions when planning interior decoration: for though the differences may be subtle, beyond the clinical realms of pure white there is a real variety of off-white hues.

Farrow & Ball have at least 15 shades of white in their collection, but a firm favourite is the creamy white known as ‘White Tie’. Like so many of Farrow & Ball’s natural paints, White Tie can vary anywhere from a cotton-white in overcast summer skies, to a more yellowy-white on a warm summer’s evening. In neutral lighting, it sits somewhere in between the darker New White and the bright All White.

Occupying the lighter end of our ‘Pastels’ collection, it is a perfect colour for Shaker-inspired kitchens, particularly on oak kitchen doors and drawer fronts when used in a classic or country kitchen theme. Consider using it alongside darker wall colours to balance out oppressive tones, such as with dark browns for a luxurious high contrast look.

If you’d like to see an example of White Tie up-close, we have two simple options for you. First, you can purchase one of our miniature painted cabinet door kitchen samples, which are available in any of our hand-finished Farrow & Ball shades for only £20 including delivery. Alternatively, pay a visit to our Gloucester showroom where you can see nine stylish solid oak kitchens (one of which utilises White Tie as its feature colour), and discuss your kitchen project with our friendly team.


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