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Our Top Five Kitchen Organisation Ideas

Posted by admin on May 4, 2018 at 10:54 am. Filed under: General

Your kitchen is likely to be one of your home’s most-used rooms, so it needs to be laid out to maximise usability. We have compiled our best kitchen organisation ideas to make your cook space more coordinated and ensure you are not buying unnecessary food that you do not know you have or will go to waste.

1. Keep Items Near Where You Need Them

This tip is equally useful for both small and large kitchens. Keeping items near where they will be most used will save time and effort, so consider placing dishes and plates in a cupboard adjacent to the dishwasher, and pans and spices near the oven or hob. Whilst it may only be a few steps across the kitchen, repeated journeys to put items away will soon become an annoyance. In the picture, the cupboard on the right-hand-side of the oven is used to store pots and pans.

2. Smart Storage

Make the most of every tiny space in your kitchen. Our cabinet doors are easily strong enough to hold a rack of pan lids, spices or other useful items, which will help to keep your cooking area organised. Alternatively, you may decide to look to the walls for extra storage, especially in a small kitchen. Mount a magnetic strip to the wall to create a smart knife rack and save counter space, or hang hooks or racks to store utensils.

You may find it difficult to maximise the available space of a full-height cabinet. Our Blum Space Tower is the ultimate space-saving solution, with pull-out soft-close drawers to make finding and storing items as easy as possible.

3. Open Shelving

If you do not have enough room for new cabinets, or have an awkward corner to fill, open shelving is one of the best kitchen organisation ideas. Shelving creates more storage space for often-used items or decorative pieces that would otherwise clutter a surface. In the kitchen shown here, the existing architectural feature made corner cabinets impossible, but open shelving has allowed more space to be utilised. Read our open shelving blog to see if this option will work for you.

4. Removing Unused Items

Streamline your cabinets by getting rid of the items you have not used for a while. Forgotten items can easily and quickly clutter up your kitchen, so it is a good idea to go through your cabinets once or twice a year to see if there is anything you can live without. If you are unsure what to keep and what to give away, put your lesser used items in a box. Keep this box out of the kitchen and, if you need to go into it at any point in the next few months, the item you need may be worth saving.

5. Kitchen Trolley

An island is a fantastic way to increase preparation and storage space, but you may not have sufficient space. This kitchen trolley offers many of the benefits of an island, and is also portable. Wheel it out the way when it is not needed, and make the most of the extra space when your worktop real estate is not enough. Our trolleys are constructed from the same timber as our solid wood worktops, so are durable and beautifully built.

There are many different kitchen organisation ideas, and one of these will almost certainly work for you. Have you tried any of these solutions? Let us know below or on our Facebook and Twitter.


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