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Top 3 Colours for a Wooden Kitchen Island

Posted by admin on May 21, 2018 at 4:05 pm. Filed under: General

If you have the space in your kitchen, you may want to include an island. A wooden kitchen island can provide additional space in any kitchen and our cabinets and worktops are a fantastic way to create one that is tailored to your requirements. Painting the island in a different colour to the rest of the cabinets is a great way to create a statement, so which shades should you consider to pair with neutral cabinets?

Hardwick White

Grey is currently a popular colour for kitchens and is a stylish option for the base of your island. Farrow & Ball – our chosen paint suppliers – offer a wide range of grey shades, and Hardwick White, as shown in this image, is a subtle option that will work well with a variety of colour schemes. It is perfect for both contemporary and traditional settings, and will create a timeless aesthetic in any home.


For a fresh and flamboyant look, consider painting your island pink. Farrow & Ball’s Calamine is a light pink with hints of grey, offering a delicate option that provides sufficient colour to brighten up any kitchen. In this picture, most of the colour scheme is kept deliberately neutral to allow the floral, powdery tones of the island to take centre stage. Recreate this look with our range of cabinets and our marble laminate worktop.

Parma Grey

Parma Grey is a much bluer colour than the name suggests, and it will perfectly lift a neutral kitchen scheme. There is just enough blue in the pigment to stand out and feel fresh, whilst preventing it from becoming overwhelming. The similar tones of the wooden worktops and cabinets allow the impressive island to grab your attention in the kitchen shown here.

These three colours will transform a wooden kitchen island in different ways. Which of these would you choose? Let us know below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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