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Our Top 5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets 2017

Posted by admin on June 7, 2017 at 2:38 pm. Filed under: General

There are a number of ways in which you can upgrade your solid wood kitchen to bring it into the 21st century. Whilst no smart kitchen gadgets exist to completely take over the kitchen for you, there are a variety of technologies available to make your life easier – here we have compiled a list of our top five favourites.

1. Smarter Coffee Machine
Top of our list of smart kitchen gadgets, this Smarter Coffee Machine is a stylish way to get  a few extra Zs in!
Available in three stylish shades, the Smarter Coffee Machine is a great addition to any kitchen. This appliance offers both grind and brew functions and can be connected to your smartphone via an app – meaning you can get an extra few minutes in bed whilst it gets your perfect coffee ready. This smart kitchen gadget even allows you to customise your coffee strength and flavour, for the perfect cup every time. It will let you know when your drink is ready and it can keep the pot warm for you, which is perfect if you work from home (or have a very generous boss)!
2. Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer
The Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer packs an impressive number of features into one appliance
Smart fridges were launched a few years ago and it looks like they are finally here to stay. The Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer offers a number of functions designed to make your life simpler. The built -in cameras allow you to see exactly what you need whilst you are out doing the grocery shop, and you can even track the freshness of certain items. Reminders pop up on the fridge screen and on your phone via the accompanying app when you need to top up certain things. The screen also serves as a whiteboard, calendar or photo album and can be used to stream music or television – and on top of all that, it actually functions as a fridge too! What more could you want?
3. Smarter Fridge Cam
Small but powerful, the Smarter Fridge Cam offers a range of different functions and claims to be able to save you up to £400 a year!
Whilst the Smarter Fridge Cam does not offer some of the same functions as the Samsung Family Hub, it costs a fraction of the price of a Samsung smart fridge – available to pre-order for £99.99. A great option if you want to bring your home up to date with smart kitchen gadgets but have no plans for a major remodel, the Smarter Fridge Cam is set to be released ‘soon’ in 2017 and will work in any fridge. The Smarter app, which works on both iOS and Android operating systems, allows you to see what you have in the fridge so you know exactly what you need to buy. It is also capable of making recipe suggestions based on the contents of your fridge, can provide automatic reminders of food expiration dates and will link up to your favourite supermarket to order replacements for eaten or expired foods.
4. Drop Scale
The Drop Scale may not look like much, but this small gadget could revolutionise your cooking skills
The smartest way to prepare food and drink, the Drop Scale accurately measures ingredients on the scale in your smartphone app whilst providing step by step instructions for a huge variety of recipes. It can also measure drinks and best of all – it cuts down on washing up by measuring everything in the same bowl. We’re sold!
5. Hoover Wizard Oven
The Hoover Wizard Oven is an incredibly stylish option for any home and has a number of features designed to make your life easier
The Hoover Wizard Oven is the final gizmo in our list of smart kitchen gadgets. It can be managed from your mobile phone, offers advice on selecting the best cooking programme for your recipe as well and offers a handy oven cleaning reminder. You can store an infinite number of your own programmes and recipes to use at a later date too. The Wizard range from Hoover includes a full selection of kitchen appliances that can all be controlled via an app on your phone – you’ll barely have to lift a finger!

So there you have our top picks for smart kitchen gadgets to bring the heart of your home right up to date. Do you have anything similar in your kitchen? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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