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Save 10% On Everything at Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets for a Limited Time!

Posted by admin on May 23, 2018 at 11:30 am. Filed under: General

Have you been considering a kitchen upgrade recently? Whether you are simply looking to freshen up your home for summer, or are planning a major kitchen redesign, now is the perfect time to buy. Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets are offering a generous 10% off everything for a limited period.

Whether you are shopping for high-quality solid wood cabinets, worktops, doors or any accessories, you can now purchase them for less.

To save, simply add the items you require to your shopping cart and then use the discount code SAVE10 in our online checkout when you buy. If you are ordering via telephone, email or in person at one of our nationwide showrooms, you can mention the code to the advisor you are talking to in order to claim your 10% off.

Complete your purchase by Wednesday 13th June 2018 to take advantage of this amazing offer. Orders will need to be placed before 23:59 to comply. Please note that delivery charges are not eligible for this saving, and this is not available in conjunction with any other promotion.

Please visit our current offers page for full terms and conditions. You can keep up to date with our latest promotions, news and blogs by following our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Top 3 Colours for a Wooden Kitchen Island

Posted by admin on May 21, 2018 at 4:05 pm. Filed under: General

If you have the space in your kitchen, you may want to include an island. A wooden kitchen island can provide additional space in any kitchen and our cabinets and worktops are a fantastic way to create one that is tailored to your requirements. Painting the island in a different colour to the rest of the cabinets is a great way to create a statement, so which shades should you consider to pair with neutral cabinets?

Hardwick White

Grey is currently a popular colour for kitchens and is a stylish option for the base of your island. Farrow & Ball – our chosen paint suppliers – offer a wide range of grey shades, and Hardwick White, as shown in this image, is a subtle option that will work well with a variety of colour schemes. It is perfect for both contemporary and traditional settings, and will create a timeless aesthetic in any home.


For a fresh and flamboyant look, consider painting your island pink. Farrow & Ball’s Calamine is a light pink with hints of grey, offering a delicate option that provides sufficient colour to brighten up any kitchen. In this picture, most of the colour scheme is kept deliberately neutral to allow the floral, powdery tones of the island to take centre stage. Recreate this look with our range of cabinets and our marble laminate worktop.

Parma Grey

Parma Grey is a much bluer colour than the name suggests, and it will perfectly lift a neutral kitchen scheme. There is just enough blue in the pigment to stand out and feel fresh, whilst preventing it from becoming overwhelming. The similar tones of the wooden worktops and cabinets allow the impressive island to grab your attention in the kitchen shown here.

These three colours will transform a wooden kitchen island in different ways. Which of these would you choose? Let us know below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Have You Considered a Greige Kitchen?

Posted by admin on May 18, 2018 at 10:20 am. Filed under: General

Whether you are updating your existing kitchen or are planning a complete redesign, there are a number of different considerations to make when choosing the colour for your new look. Those wanting a neutral shade that offers warmth whilst remaining on trend may wish to consider a greige kitchen. Greige is a blend between grey and beige – offering a warm neutral that can be used to create a contemporary look whilst remaining timeless. Should you choose this colour for your home?

Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath is a fantastic shade to consider if you are looking for the perfect greige to use in your kitchen. If you would like a subtler hue, Skimming Stone provides a good, pale greige option, whilst those wanting a statement shade may find that Dove Tale (which is a darker version of Elephant’s Breath) or Charleston Grey are ideal for a bolder look. Greige is less clinical than white can be and takes the effort out of creating a warm, welcoming look.

Another benefit of this colour is that it works with almost every conceivable colour scheme. A greige kitchen could be traditional, contemporary (as shown in this kitchen), rustic, industrial or a blend of different styles, depending on what you choose to pair it with. For example, our oak worktops will better suit a kitchen that is more classically styled, whilst our marble laminate worktops would work well in a contemporary greige kitchen. The versatility of this shade ensures it works well in a variety of different styles. As a neutral shade, greige provides a fantastic backdrop for more colourful accessories and accents too.

Is a greige kitchen top of your wish-list? Tell us below, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Keeping a Cool Kitchen in Warm Weather

Posted by admin on May 15, 2018 at 10:53 am. Filed under: General

With summer approaching, you may be less likely to opt for large meals that take a lot of cooking. You will still need to create dinners, though, so a cool kitchen will certainly be a welcome relief. There are certain steps you can take to ensure your cook space remains a comfortable temperature. These tips are especially useful in compact spaces, as small kitchens heat up quicker than larger areas.

Light Meals

Whereas winter is predominantly about heavy comfort food, summer calls for lighter, brighter meals that do not involve so much preparation. Quick dishes are fantastic, as you are not spending hours in the kitchen, while cold foods such as salads are delicious on a hot day.

Less Reliance on The Oven

Ovens produce an incredible amount of heat – more than any other appliance, and that is before you open the door to check on your food. A cool kitchen can be achieved by not using the oven extensively. Only use it when you have to; instead, use smaller appliances such as pressure cookers and microwaves, or simply cook dishes on your hob. These items expel much less heat than a conventional oven – and as an added benefit, they often use less power.

Sufficient Ventilation

Another way to keep your cook space comfortable is to make sure hot air is not stagnating. Open windows or patio doors to allow the fresh air in and to get some of the heat out – especially if you are using the oven. A fan is a good investment, and there is a DIY method to ensure the fan blows cold air across the room. Cut the bottom off one or two drinks bottles and turn them upside-down with the lid at the bottom – firmly screwed in place. Then, simply attach your bottles to the back of the fan and fill with ice cubes.

Blinds and Curtains

It might seem strange to suggest blocking out the light, but closed blinds and curtains will regulate the kitchen temperature and keep it cool. Lighter fabrics and colours will allow enough light to come through without the heat.

Cooking Outside

If you want to enjoy the heat without being in a stuffy kitchen, you could cook outside. Barbecues may be the most common option for summery weather and family gettogethers, but you can cook more than sausages and burgers. Portable hobs and burners are a viable option if you are looking to cook vegetables, rice or pasta al fresco.

There are a few different ways to keep a cool kitchen when temperatures rise. Can you think of any we have missed? If so, let us know below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Three of the Best Kitchen Paint Colours For the Summer Months

Posted by admin on May 11, 2018 at 12:46 pm. Filed under: General

Many parts of the UK recently enjoyed one of the hottest early May bank holidays on record, and the warm weather might have tempted you to give your kitchen a tropical makeover. We have highlighted three of the best kitchen paint colours to choose if you want to bring the summer into your cook space.

Tunsgate Green is one of Farrow & Ball’s palest green shades, but it is a fantastic colour if you wish to make your kitchen feel inspired by nature. This hue has a fresh feel that will transform your cooking space by bridging the gap between the indoors and outside. The colour – named after the location of one of the company’s first showrooms – is refreshing and pairs very well with All White.

Middleton Pink is a delicate, cheerful pink that will brighten any kitchen and make a space feel far more welcoming throughout the summer months. Alluding to blooming flowers ensures the shade is not an overly feminine colour, and you can pair this shade with different varieties of white to produce different styles – All White will complement traditional schemes, while Great White will better suit urban and modern environments.

Dayroom Yellow, meanwhile, is a slightly hazy colour that is fantastic at inviting a feeling of sunshine into your home. Paint your kitchen walls in this shade – as shown here in our online kitchen design tool – and it will seem as if it is flooded with light. Combine with a picture of sunflowers or a beach to ensure that your cooking area is as vibrant and summery as possible. This effect might even help brighten dark winter evenings, too.

These paint colours will imbue a feeling of summer into your cook space. Each of these shades will also complement any of our solid wood worktops, and can be easily changed when you next decide to update your kitchen. Create your dream cooking zone on our online kitchen design tool, which offers thousands of possible combinations and the ability to try out different schemes before committing.

Do you agree with our pick of the best kitchen paint colours? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


What Is a Waterfall Island and How Can You Create One?

Posted by admin on May 8, 2018 at 10:20 am. Filed under: General

You may not have heard of this kitchen feature, but it is becoming an increasingly fashionable feature for a luxurious look. A waterfall island is where the worktop surface continues vertically down to the floor – covering the side of the island – instead of simply covering the top. Whilst looking expensive, waterfall kitchen islands can be constructed with relative ease – read on for details of how you can create your own

A stylish kitchen with a large marble waterfall island and wooden bar stools

Credit : HGTV

Should You Have a Waterfall Island?

If you would like an opulent finishing touch to your kitchen island, you might consider a waterfall effect. The extra material provides a sleek, uninterrupted finish all the way to the floor, and helps to frame the island as the focal point in a room. Therefore, employing this tactic could be of interest if you regularly entertain guests.

The clean lines of a waterfall island mean that it is best suited to contemporary and transitional kitchens Using a waterfall effect on bathroom cabinetry can also look fantastic, whilst simultaneously protecting the cabinets from water damage.

Many online examples show an island topped with a dramatic material such as solid stone or marble, but our solid wood worktops are equally suited to this look. Real stone and marble surfaces can be incredibly expensive, but our sustainably harvested timber countertops are competitively priced and will last many years with the correct maintenance. You could create a glamorous island using our oak surfaces, or go for an eye-catching, exotic centrepiece with our striking zebrano worktops.

How to Create a Waterfall Island

Creating a waterfall island will require extra lengths of worktop, as you are covering more space with the material. This does mean that this technique is more expensive, but the finished result will be sophisticated and stylish – you may decide it is worth the extra outlay.

The worktops can be joined together in several different ways. A butt joint will be the standard choice, as joining the two surfaces in this way will not require specialist tooling. However, you will not be able to create a completely seamless appearance using this method. To enjoy a sleeker, seamless waterfall island, you may need to use a 45-degree mitre joint. We recommend speaking to a professional kitchen fitter to find out the best method for you.

If you keep up to date with the required upkeep of your worktops, they will be incredibly hygienic, easy-to-clean and wear-resistant. The extra surfaces on the sides of your kitchen island will invariably need maintaining too, which is something to think about if you are considering this option.

Are you looking to create this sophisticated look in your kitchen? Tell us in the comments section below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Our Top Five Kitchen Organisation Ideas

Posted by admin on May 4, 2018 at 10:54 am. Filed under: General

Your kitchen is likely to be one of your home’s most-used rooms, so it needs to be laid out to maximise usability. We have compiled our best kitchen organisation ideas to make your cook space more coordinated and ensure you are not buying unnecessary food that you do not know you have or will go to waste.

1. Keep Items Near Where You Need Them

This tip is equally useful for both small and large kitchens. Keeping items near where they will be most used will save time and effort, so consider placing dishes and plates in a cupboard adjacent to the dishwasher, and pans and spices near the oven or hob. Whilst it may only be a few steps across the kitchen, repeated journeys to put items away will soon become an annoyance. In the picture, the cupboard on the right-hand-side of the oven is used to store pots and pans.

2. Smart Storage

Make the most of every tiny space in your kitchen. Our cabinet doors are easily strong enough to hold a rack of pan lids, spices or other useful items, which will help to keep your cooking area organised. Alternatively, you may decide to look to the walls for extra storage, especially in a small kitchen. Mount a magnetic strip to the wall to create a smart knife rack and save counter space, or hang hooks or racks to store utensils.

You may find it difficult to maximise the available space of a full-height cabinet. Our Blum Space Tower is the ultimate space-saving solution, with pull-out soft-close drawers to make finding and storing items as easy as possible.

3. Open Shelving

If you do not have enough room for new cabinets, or have an awkward corner to fill, open shelving is one of the best kitchen organisation ideas. Shelving creates more storage space for often-used items or decorative pieces that would otherwise clutter a surface. In the kitchen shown here, the existing architectural feature made corner cabinets impossible, but open shelving has allowed more space to be utilised. Read our open shelving blog to see if this option will work for you.

4. Removing Unused Items

Streamline your cabinets by getting rid of the items you have not used for a while. Forgotten items can easily and quickly clutter up your kitchen, so it is a good idea to go through your cabinets once or twice a year to see if there is anything you can live without. If you are unsure what to keep and what to give away, put your lesser used items in a box. Keep this box out of the kitchen and, if you need to go into it at any point in the next few months, the item you need may be worth saving.

5. Kitchen Trolley

An island is a fantastic way to increase preparation and storage space, but you may not have sufficient space. This kitchen trolley offers many of the benefits of an island, and is also portable. Wheel it out the way when it is not needed, and make the most of the extra space when your worktop real estate is not enough. Our trolleys are constructed from the same timber as our solid wood worktops, so are durable and beautifully built.

There are many different kitchen organisation ideas, and one of these will almost certainly work for you. Have you tried any of these solutions? Let us know below or on our Facebook and Twitter.


Creating a Transitional Kitchen with Solid Oak Cabinets

Posted by admin on April 30, 2018 at 11:00 am. Filed under: General

You may have never heard of this term before, but it is likely that you – or someone you know – have a kitchen in this style. A transitional kitchen does not stick rigidly to one inspiration or theme; instead, it calls upon a range of influences. A blend of older features and contemporary pieces will ensure this kitchen style is timeless and stays fresh and crisp.

Mixing Materials

If you wish to create a transitional kitchen, one of the first elements to consider is whether you are going to mix materials. Often, wood, steel, glass and stone/marble can be featured together without the overall effect appearing cluttered or overwhelming. You probably have a range of materials in your kitchen already and, if not, you can easily have one by shopping with Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets. For example, you could mix our solid oak cabinets with stainless-steel appliances, glass cabinet frontals and our striking White Quartz laminate worktop. That is exactly what one customer did, and now has the beautiful kitchen shown here.

Add Texture

Another hallmark of a kitchen like this is texture, which you can add in a number of ways. A common focus is flooring, with materials such as antique stone being able to complement new work surfaces and influences. Alternatively, tiling will add texture if you cannot stretch to a stone flag floor. In this kitchen, the rustic splashback tiles mirror the exposed, rough brick of the rear wall. Both these elements work well with the solid oak worktop, overmounted ceramic sink and pale blue cabinetry.

Neutral Palette

Due to the mix of materials and textures, a transitional kitchen may benefit from being kept to muted tones. This will prevent the different aspects clashing or looking overly busy. A neutral scheme will let you appreciate the kitchen or, in the case of the cook space here, the stunning views of the Shropshire countryside. The large windows and impressive skylight maximise the light and airiness of the space, creating a homely welcome and an inviting area to spend time. Read our blog about the best colour shades for a neutral kitchen here.

Low Profile Cabinetry

Keeping your cabinets neutral can allow the other aspects of your kitchen to take centre stage. This particular cooking zone is full of transitional details, including the sleek double fridge-freezer and ornate splashback and cabinet surrounds. The island uses a completely different worktop to the rest of the space to differentiate it and allow it to stand out, while the blue paint immediately catches your attention.

Old and New

A main feature of a transitional kitchen is to mix contemporary and modern features. On first glance, this cooking space looks very traditional, with a ceramic Belfast sink, the glorious range oven and the classic combination of white cabinetry and oak worktops. But this kitchen contains a wall-mounted flat screen television and a gloss black dishwasher. Out of shot, it also includes a massive American-style fridge-freezer and the island features a dedicated wine fridge. This kitchen will look equally stylish now as in two decades, which is an indication that it is transitional and well executed.

This kitchen style is not overly concerned with period correctness or matching items – if you like an item and it fits your lifestyle, include it. Do you have a transitional kitchen? We would love to see it on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


The Best Sinks for Modern Kitchens

Posted by admin on April 27, 2018 at 11:01 am. Filed under: General

They are often only used for menial tasks like washing up, but sinks are a very important aspect of your kitchen landscape. Different sinks suit different kitchen styles, so in this blog we have picked out the best sinks for a modern setting.

Rangemaster Glendale Sink – Single Bowl (Reversible)

If you only have a shoestring budget to create your dream modern kitchen, this stainless steel Rangemaster sink is perfect. Costing just £90, its pared-back design offers a crisp style without compromising on functionality. This sink is reversible, meaning it can be placed so the drainer is either on the left-hand or right-hand-side. Choose a tap similar to our WEX Delta tap to complement the sink with a modern aesthetic.

WEX Zero Large Single Bowl

The industrial look of this WEX Zero large single bowl makes it one of the best sinks for an up-to-date kitchen theme. This item’s straight edges make it incredibly practical for washing large pans and many other uses. Create a flush appearance with this undermounted sink, which sits under the top of the work surface. The price is very reasonable at £200, especially as this sink is just £5 more than a similar model with a smaller bowl.

Rangemaster Arlington Sink – 1.5 Bowl

Pick a more opulent sink with this Rangemaster Arlington 1.5 Bowl model, which will provide a great finishing touch to a luxurious kitchen. The brushed stainless-steel drainer has a minimalist appearance, but the space and the two bowls mean it is incredibly practical. Available with the drainer on the right-hand side (shown in this picture) or on the left-hand side, this eye-catching and elegant sink is one of our most expensive, at £325.

Although we have highlighted three of the best sinks for a modern kitchen, our range encompasses a wide range of styles. See our complete selection of sinks here, or read our guide to choosing sinks for oak kitchens. You can keep up to date with our latest news, products, offers and blogs by following us on Facebook and Twitter.


Three Shades for a Neutral Kitchen Colour Scheme

Posted by admin on April 23, 2018 at 2:59 pm. Filed under: General

If you are upgrading your kitchen, you will have toyed with whether you should choose a minimalist style or opt for bolder shades. A neutral kitchen may be considered slightly conservative, but it will look incredibly smart if done correctly. Picking a muted palette offers another benefit – a timeless appeal that will not need to be changed frequently.

Personality can be injected into a restrained design style by picking a suitable colour scheme. Many grey and off-white shades are on trend at the moment, as they offer more warmth and contrast than choosing a clinical-looking pure white colour. We have selected a handful of our favourite colour pairings for a neutral kitchen.


Wimborne White – An ageless white colour that is an excellent base to showcase your personality


Elephant’s Breath – Timeless, crisp and versatile; this colour is a Farrow & Ball classic

Farrow and Ball

Downpipe – A lead colour that looks striking on kitchen cabinets or walls

Neutral colours such as Wimborne White, Elephant’s Breath and Downpipe can permit brighter touches in your kitchen. They can allow you to personalise your space with coloured accessories or appliances, while still retaining a sophisticated base. And, whilst often thought of as classic colours, neutral shades can be used to create both modern and traditional schemes.

These three colours can combine to make an excellent neutral kitchen colour scheme. They work well together if you want to vary the colours of the room in a beautiful yet largely subtle way. Applying these shades to your walls, cabinets or flooring sets the tone for the rest of the space, meaning you can furnish with complementary accessories or inject a dash of bright colour.

Would you choose one of these shades for your neutral kitchen upgrade? Let us know in the comments below. If you have chosen one of these colours for your kitchen, we would love to see it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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